Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday [10 to 12]

12.  Bigoteering

Via Rossa's mother, this chap or chapess has provided us with a nice retort, should we stand accused:

11.  T'other place

Right, some tweets were sent by DR and also by Toodles but really, what's the point of brining them back here when you can see them there at t'other place:

Way it works is this - WP, in their wisdom, allow five days for a post to show comments, irrespective of any settings I put in.  This type of things was covered in the last post about obstacles ... sigh.

Only way around it is to put up another post close to the end of that time and then it shuts comments down on the former post.  It does work for our purposes though, as long as I link from here, as I've done above. Obviously you can visit that site at any time.

If you have any Twitter links, that's the place to post them in comments.  Ta and thankee.

10.  Rossa's mother sends this about the vaxx


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