Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Why oh why was a refined Harrier not designed built and deployed?  It's such an obvious type in so many theatres.  Here's one explanation:

Another explanation.

“From that September through until Christmas there was a lot of work being done on possible savings and talk of the fact that we might have to look at cutting whole capabilities,” Waterfall recalled. “Literally a couple of days before we broke-up for Christmas, the Secretary of State announced that No. 4 (Army-Cooperation) Squadron would close and that the Harrier force would relocate from Cottesmore to nearby Wittering. I think that pretty much cast the die for the eventual culling of the Harrier force.”

Five squadrons of operationally-deployable Tornados, versus two of Harriers. Accepting the need for a significant cut in the defense budget, one of these forces would have to go.

Why?  Whyyyy?  Why "versus"?  Why not "in addition to"?  The bstds.  My view is it was to fund the bloody invaders and they knew, the traitors, that this was coming.


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