Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Tuesday [Epilogue]

Epilogue [19] Juss one question to leave y’all with

Why do people’s noses point left?

Epilogue [18] All hail the UK

20:25: Just resting up a bit, reading through, redacting, when there was this sound as if the boiler was cracking up.  Raced to the kitchen and realised the boiler was fine.  It was hail hitting the window panes.  In May?  Really coming down too.

Are you getting anything like this?  Streets are awash.

Epilogue [17]  Brittany’s baby

The only way I can embed a video is manually at Blogger, as their own system prevents readers such as Torquaymada from viewing [don’t ask me why]?  Not four minutes ago, I shut down the computer [it takes ten minutes to boot and do the various signing ins], so this is from the ipad.

This is about Brittany’s new baby here:


That’s the joyful bit.  

The less joyful bit is while watching it, remember the utter bollox both were hit with when they visited Britain - thrown into prison ‘for being far right extremists’.  Are the authorities criminally insane?  Just look at these two and sister Nicole and tell me -is that what far right terrorism is about?  Seriously?  Compare to the nameless ones rioting this weekend just passed.

They both say they’re going to keep public and private lives separate - one hopes they can.

Epilogue [16]

Clearly, silly me needs to explain hisself [sic] better.  Thing is, I was kicked off Twitter, so I cannot access anything on it and it's wise I do review, rather than just put everything up.

DR and I have a way where he drops it at t'other place. Seems to me some readers don't know where t'other place is.  Here tis:


Click on the talking box in grey - currently it's Admin page [4] for readers, just drop your Twitter link.  No point at this site here because it just doesn't show.

I'll still need to click your comment through but same procedure there as here.  You can then see the Twitter entry in full.

Now, DAD - it's been a hellishly busy afternoon with owner of the house in major talk, plus talk with Russia [report coming up tomorrow morning, not this evening] and with America.  If I've been tardy, apologies.  I can report though that the slow soup went well, just had a taste, whole kitchen stinks of it.

Long, rambling post coming up at 9 p.m. many will dislike, ha ha.

Ta, DR, by the way.  DAD, won't be able to embed that tomorrow evening, so to access the Matt Walsh song, readers, please go to this url:


Epilogue [15]

Yep, it's a crime against children all right:

Epilogue [14]

Gutless cuck:

Australian PM walks back tough talk on Covid-hotspot returnees, downplays ‘exaggerated’ criticism of ‘racism’ and jail penalties — RT World News

Epilogue [13]

They can go jump:

The CIA has released its recruitment video that features an “intersectional” and “cisgender” Latina mother who says that her employment was not a slip through the cracks and wants to make it known she is “educated, qualified and competent.”  The video shows “woke” language to recruit new staff members that appears to focus on skin color and gender.

Epilogue [12]


Women are born with the only eggs we get. This is the #1 reason I won’t get the vaccine. There’s a big concern for infertility and other issues with it. I won’t risk my ability to become a mom just to please the government. 

Epilogue [11]  DR and Steve


The funeral of our craven, spineless media - by James Delingpole:



Not photoshopped at all:



  1. Toodles.

    Well isn't that nice?

    What we have here is what we call the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

    I see Mr.and Mrs. Peanut right there in the middle. Flanking them is a gigantic lemon bush on one side and a gnarly blueberry bush on the other. Good represident...representatives

    Ain't life interesting?

  2. 11. An odd pic to be sure, but I don't think it's photoshopped -- just an unnecessary ultra wide angle lens. Wall angles and higher objects vault outward. Foreground objects will appear larger. Even Carter's shoes grow bigger than Biden's.

    1. It appears to be two photos stitched together with the one of demented Joe and the doctor being scaled up and superimposed over the peanut family and yes, I agree the wrong lens was used but that is what PR departments are for.

  3. 18. No hail but the weather is definitely orf. We had excessively wet autumn and winter but not much rain at all for the past 6-8 weeks so we have water restrictions in place now - although it has been raining off and on all day and it's trying to make a better attempt at it as I write this. The wind is picking up too.

    The temps have been way down - still wearing woolly jumpers, central heating pumping away and the fire lit. This time last year my tomatoes had been in the ground for a month but atm they're still being cosseted in the garage.

    There have been reports from some parts that the vines are under threat due to very late frosts - vintners have been having to light bonfires to keep them warm.

    Apart from the glorious shades of new greenery bursting into life round about one could be forgiven for thinking it was November.

  4. 18. Yes the weather is strange. Previous couple of weeks with the clear skies, bright sun and arctic air from the north I was getting temps in the high teens from sheltered sunny corners and about 3 degreees in shaded windy parts. Hard frosts at night I can't remember such a prolonged period of such frigid air temps. NoTricksZone recently had a German report showing average temps there during April as about 3Degrees below normlal, seems about right.

  5. We had our March winds yesterday and our April showers today. Tomorrow should be May flowers. Talking of flowers, I'm thinking of entering my dandelions in the county show, they are truly magnificent this year.

  6. DJT's new website https://www.donaldjtrump.com/desk


  7. Steve

    Starting with Windham County tonight because the only news coming out of Maricopa County is about a BLM/Antifa demonstration/riot in nearby Phoenix this weekend.

    Windham, New Hampshire Board WALKS OUT of Town Meeting After Outraged Residents Shout Them Down







    Dominion Voting System Corruption Uncovered




    Brave girl:

    Mellissa Carone - Dominion Whistleblower For Michigan State Rep on Fri. Night Livestream


  8. Some good ones, e.g. Windham. Tomorrow 07:30 in a post.

  9. Epilogue [11] The Dellinpole link is wrong James, it is prefixed with the header text and this blog address. Result is a 404 on this blog.

    A few random links from me.


    For your amusement:



    And more serious:


  10. Ah, that was Steve’s. He’ll have to give us the link if poss.

    1. The correct link is that presented in the article:


      However the link does not work because the embedded code mixes two web addresses - the browser is looking for the conservativewoman site on nourishingobscurity.

  11. "Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May" and the knocked over one of our garden chairs. Hail too.

    Is this unprecedented? Of course not.