Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tuesday [7 to 11]

11.  Sad passing of Grandpa's wife

Over at OoL, this was the last post and frankly, I'm loathe to post over the top today.  Besides - have a look where the dear lady is looking:

And what's the banner ad read?  Oh dear.  Oops.  Hope no one noticed.

10.  More snippets

a.  DJT site, via DR:

b.  Pete:

Ann Barnhardt - 'Ivermectin discovery and backstory – definitely for the “Just Too Cool” file…' 

[Have blogrolled.]

9.  Have to get this DR WPdotcom thing going better

I need to be more savvy in how to retrieve the DR Tweets:

Fine.  A few people are onto this one currently.  good.  What I noticed was Emerald's stats, unusual - 7.6K comments are fine.  174 only retweets?  Not so fine.

Now, Tweeters and former Tweeters - think this one through.  Huge discrepancy, eh?  Ordinarily, if she has those replies, she would have maybe the same or more retweets - takes longer to reply.  Some poss explanations:
  • They wish to connect with her [understandable]
  • There are not many dissident right still on Twitter to retweet
  • Twitter is largely responsible for driving us off
  • Your theory
8.  AK Haart

Cripes – why did Sir Keir bother with a reshuffle? This is surely not the time to dwell, head in hands, on the miserable quality of Labour MPs available to fill the role of shadow minister. Useless, inexperienced, malevolent pettifogging loons - and those are generally the best of the bunch.
That's the difference between AKH and me - he goes "Sir Keir", I go "effing expletive expletive expletive".  Hence he has a vast circle of friends.  That's life.

7.  When you need to do brek fast

Operative thing in that mix is the fried adn steamed parts of the concasse, plus the herbs and piccalilly.  It's got to the point that I can't do without the basil now and if if tomato is present - oregano.  Also, just ketchup is a bit bland, HP a bit thin. Chunky chutney is the way.

Any ... er ... exciting things you have on the plate today?


  1. Speck and melon for brekkie, mezze for lunch. Dinner is a definite dunno.

  2. P.S. I notice that AC-12 failed to realise that your are H.

    1. AC-12? Hmmm, mystified by this code. Maybe just too tired after the housework this morning.

  3. Steve

    re piccalilli there's one called Tracklements - 'particularly british piccalilli' - made in Wiltshire which is very nice James. Punchy.

  4. Dinner: word reaches me that the freezer has yielded a couple of goose legs suitable for roasting, and some spicy apple sauce made from our own apples. Mmmm.

    AC-12: those of us in intimate touch with popular culcha howl in disdain at your ignorance.

    1. Ah, the bent coppers thing. I went awol mid 70s and have not had a tele since the mid 90s. Wondered why I didn’t pick up on it.

  5. Cambridge News reports demonstrations outside AZ hq in Cambridge. Upon reading the article I realised it was a demo to have the patent waivered so that countries like India can manufacture it themselves. I was a little disappointed.

    Meanwhile the beeb are reporting on a faceberk group running a honeypot operation to entice anti vaxters. Then persuading them to recant. Yeh right, and they only be passing on any personal details either.

    Is there any good news out there?