Thursday, May 13, 2021

Try these

  1. What is Eminent Domain?
  2. How much per acre did Alaska cost the US?
  3. What did they call Mary of Teck and why?
  4. Where's New Amsterdam?
  5. Is there a town called Great Britain.  if so, where is it?
  6. Which foundry constructed the Liberty Bell?
  7. What does Eureka signify in Australia?


  1. 1. compulsory purchase?
    2. 1 cent?
    3, ?
    4. New York?
    5. Tristan da Cunha?
    6. Whitechapel?
    7. Stockade - site of a seige/rebellion against colonial rule?

  2. #2. About a dime.
    #3. Mrs K. George V
    #4. Manhattan it was.
    #5. Suspect ir is/was a place so named so that produce could be labelled Made In Great Britain. China, Japan?
    #6. London, Whitechapel.
    #7. Eureka a gold mine where Irish immigrants rioted for their rights and then killed Chinese immigrants for the same reason. Tall building in Melbourne built in memory of the Chinese, who are big patrons of adjacent casino.

  3. Toodles.

    1.I am not a lawyer but essentially it is when the government justifies stealing a citizen's property if it claims (not particularly proves)that by doing so it would be for the greater good of the community, state, nation, the world...the Universe...eeevuuun!

    2.Mardi beads and a few pirate doblóns perhaps?

    4. New York City perhaps?... Actually yes...Manhattan.

    6. I know I know the answer but foggy mind. Whoever 'foundered'it certainly did a poor job. Got a crack in it right off the first ding or clang!

    I am wondering if that was a 'sign' to us? Yikes!

    7. Ask Amfortas who has become a veritable stranger!

    1. What does Eureka signify in Australia? The average Ozchap or chapess is woefully under-burdened with historical memory, by official ways and means. Knowledge of early events in Ozpast is discouraged from Kindy onwards. Ask any mid-teen 'schoolie' who is not pissed on a beach on the Gold Coast as per 'roight of passidge' and they will mumble chapter and verse about transgenderism, how nasty white folk have been to dark skinned folk, why a chap called Goff, of whom they know nothing at all, was the Son of God, and why boys must wear a bikini when speaking of girl matters. Of 'Eureka' they know nothing: not even a shriek from stepping in a bath. Most Ozfolk do not recognise a bath when they see one. We take showers. Most recent Ozfolk either came down in a shower or are foreigners with strange ways and long memories which do not include anything of recent civilisational mark.

  4. Mary of Teck. Either she came from Teck in what would be Germany, or KGV did not pay outright but on a payment scheme. Origin of term "To pay on Teck."

  5. Toodles.

    Ooops...7. What they said...both are right. Perhaps. Amfortas was too late with his vast knowledge and wisdom on that one.

  6. 1. Yes
    2. Near enough - 2c per acre
    3. Called May after the month she was born but I think it was because the baby could not say Mary, it came out sounding like May.
    4. Manhattan is the answer but we can give NY.
    5. It's not far from Burnley, Manchester, Yorkshire.
    6. Whitechapel, yes.
    7. Eureka was what prospectors cried when they struck gold around 1850. However, it turned sinister when Plod attacked the miners and they made a stockade, raised the southern cross flag. Sadly, it was later hijacked as a commie thing.

  7. So No 1 is rather like droit du seigneur but without the sex?

  8. 4. I remember reading about that, the Dutch owned Manhattan Island and we owned a spice island in the East Indies, so we traded them. They got nutmegs, we got nut cases.