Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Temperance Bar

Atlas Obscura is one site I dropped, along with Bored Panda, for its insufferable Woke politics they feel they must intrude into every text.

However, this article started off quite well and might be interesting, might not, you'll decide:

Not much has changed at the bar over its 122 years of existence. The menu still revolves around 16 traditional botanical cordials, concocted with herbs, fruit, and spices. Patrons can either take a bottle home or quaff their drink in-house, surrounded by cabinets still cluttered with herbs and ceramic serving pots. Some careful restoration by Morley-Doidge means there’s more space and light now, and more drink flavors, like rhubarb and rosehip, have joined the others behind the bar. Morley-Doidge has also reluctantly banished that memorable, heady smell. A necessary evil, when she realized it was emanating from a carpet soaked with generations of spilt sarsaparilla.

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