Sunday, May 09, 2021

Sunday [8 to 10]

10.  Ripper

Please note Ripper's comments under Sunday [1 - 4], no links involved.

9.  TPA petition

The temporary 5 per cent reduced rate of VAT is currently set to end on September 30th. That's why it's vital that you make your voice heard and sign our petition calling for change. We will take the petition directly to the chancellor.

8.  Haiku corner

a.  Elon on Dogecoin:

And the aftermath:

b.  At last: a good reason to purchase an iPhone ?

To quote (from the comments): So 4% of IOS users just clicked through prompt without reading. Surprisingly low.

c.  Some prefer solitude



    This is from 2016. What've they got 5 years on?

  2. Steve

    You can go your own way..

    WATCH: How to de-Google