Saturday, May 08, 2021

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15.  I have issues with the chapters in 12 below

It was only after going through two of them that the pattern became clear and I don’t like the approach.  It certainly presented facts about what is happening, e.g. the collage of talking heads all spouting the same narrative but then immediately followed that with a hard sell, a sort of kumbaya sect with much hands on hands, quite alien to the main thrust of the argument.

I’ve studiously tried to avoid doing that sort of thing in this forum we’re on now where we’re not preaching to the converted ... it’s counterproductive. The only verse I often quote is Ephesians 6:12, because it directly addresses what’s observable out there right now with the cabal, but I also quote Senator William Jenner and Svali, sometimes Chistie or Woodrow Wilson where it ties in directly.

They did do it validly, IMHO, with 1 Thessalonians 5:3: “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 

That was fine because the theme in that entire chapter was the way world “leaders” misuse those words peace and safety, peace and prosperity, peace and security, as buzzwords.  Paul’s quote was apt and timely there.  Plus, Leslie Howard’s speech at the end of that film was also about the Nazi “hard sell”.  He told the Nazi that they would fail and why.  It was precisely the fanaticism which would kill them.

What I did not like one bit was the way the narrator suddenly inserted straight theology, quite off topic, ending with some kumbaya thing where what looked like a sect was laying hands on hands.  Sorry ... I, personally, run a mile from forced group things like that.  It marred the whole point of the series, where the message had come through perfectly well from the footage and collages.  The footage could not be denied because it was right there before us.  So leave it at that and let us join our own dots.

I’m not sure if I am explaining well.  It’s a scholastic criticism I’m making, a criticism of method, not of message.  I really do not like mixed hard sell and kumbaya either, it feels disingenuous, it marrs what had been some good research.  Especially as what we are attacking each day is Them’s hard sell of lies.

Were someone of that faith to write to me privately, that’s different, he could hard sell all he liked, as I’m already of that faith.  With people not at one with your ideas though, all you can do is present your evidence and leave it at that.

14.  New perspective on cashews

13.  Make of it what you will

I looked at Ch4 of Ripper’s kind offerings earlier.  The number 33 came up constantly, apart from that other number.  Check to see if I’m telling you porkies.

About five minutes ago, I was scrolling down my YT library, seeing which to delete as it was getting unwieldy and saw an interview with David Suchet.  As with many videos, I never sit right through and this one I’d stopped at 17:54.  He was just about to get onto his current film of the time and started about John Paul I, displaying a typical leftist lack of understanding which has now put me off DS.

He mentioned that JP I was a liberal and the Vatican was full of conservatives, so that’s how he explained the death.  P2, I suppose, he must see as conservative, rather than what they are - cabal.

And how many days was it he’d been in office?  And what were the chances of me having heard DS speak of it this evening?

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  1. Steve

    Unsurprisingly things are getting heated what with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors having to hold an emergency meeting because they failed to provide the auditors with passwords and routers:

    'At the emergency executive session, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors considered: Legal advice and litigation regarding compliance with board responsibilities and authority regarding elections; senate subpoena; elections equipment and related litigation.'

    Team Biden are wanting to send the feds in..

    Biden Chief of Staff’s Daughter Asked DOJ to Deploy Federal Monitors for Arizona Audit


    Emails Show Likely Illegality in the Way Milwaukee Ran the Presidential Election

    Michigan Attorney DePerno Files New Findings – Alleges 1,061 “Phantom” Ballots Found in Antrim County 2020 Election

    Standing strong..

    “The Battle This Time Is Over One Thing – Truth” – Cybersecurity Expert Russ Ramsland Releases Exclusive Comments to The Gateway Pundit