Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday [5 to 8]

8.  Snippets

a.  Further to the earlier warnings about Google notices, Vox posts:

b.  Ace seems to have a strange system with no permalinks, at least to the photos at the top.  Below that are some good links for interest:

c.  Friday Open Road would seem to go with that:

d.  Ann worth updating on - many links:

e.  Different:

f.  China reaches Mars?  No report as yet from the captain:

Competence level obviously high:

g.  Johnathan at Samizdata:
I own an S-Type Jaguar (V6, 3-litre) – one of the last ones to be built – and it drives as smooth as you like, and what makes it all the sweeter is knowing that every time I turn that big black cat’s engine on, a little bit of Greta Thunberg’s cult hopefully dies.
That's another site where arty-farty presentation plays havoc with actual reading and quoting from.

h.  Speaking of poorly presented, such that the script is so small it can hardly be read, although the content, once copied and pasted is good:
If governments around the world continue to shut down nuclear plants, they risk driving the “single greatest loss of clean power in history”.

i. Worth a look, from John:

More snippets later.

7.  Our own Beloved Leader speaks

New Indian Variant ‘Could Pose a Serious Disruption’ to Full Reopening in June, Boris Warns
Well of course.  The second word in the response is "off".

6.  Evil muvver

“Woke” is one of the most bitterly ironic terms in the post-modern lexicon, for the members of its death cult are anything but alert and self-aware.
5.  Andrew Torba at Gab
My favorite thing about dissident populism is that we have fun and laugh in a way that the uptight, degenerate, and demonic elites just can’t. We are normal people who aren’t afraid to tell it how it is, make mistakes, and not take everything so seriously.

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    A bit of sense still prevails amongst the lunacy.