Saturday, May 08, 2021

Saturday [12]

Coming up to our evening here, what's your humble blogger been doing?  Well first I was watching the Blonde and Brittany thing below, at which YouTube supplied this, which led to Claire Pettibone wedding dresses.

The moment I saw that, I knew I had to get out quickly and went to Brittany and Martin Sellner themselves, which led to Tommy Robinson, then late lunch.

Then I posted the film - and a good one it is too, which led to The Saint, which naturally led to the Glass-Steagle Act, 1934, and its repeal, 1999, which of course opened Pandora's Box [thank you, Clinton], which of course led to Seeking Alpha and this:

A person can believe that the US won't go back to the gold standard (as I do) and still be bullish on gold (as I am). The two are not mutually exclusive. I am bullish on gold because, as an American, my savings and investments are predominately based on a currency that is being rapidly debased. As a result, I want to hedge that by buying gold and silver and miners and investments.

Uh huh.  And their relevance to now?  This also came up:

Special Drawing Rights are supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined supported and maintained by the International Monetary Fund ("IMF"). SDRs were created in 1969 to supplement a shortfall of preferred foreign exchange reserves - namely the US$ and gold. SDRs (in XDR units) are a basket of five currencies:

Wasn’t getting too far wih economic forecasts - there was one here before, which was before Biden’s acts.  I looked at UK forecasts and they all came from the same source, saying the UK economy, thanks to the vaccine, will grow 7%. No choice but to ignore that - they were talking about finance.

Ripper left this:
The other night I came across a 5 part documentary which seems to be highly relevant to this post. It looks at almost everything we have covered on this site from an interesting perspective. I know James will enjoy it.

I have had to edit the URL's to parts 3 and 5 to avoid Youtube sign in. Click the red link above the video to play.

The Strong Delusion Introduction

The Strong Delusion Chapter 1

(The Coming New World Order)

The Strong Delusion Chapter 2

(When They Say Peace and Security)

The Strong Delusion Chapter 3

(The Real Secret Behind Secret Societies)

(This World is a Stage | Eye See 33)

The Strong Delusion Chapter 5

(Election Illusion [Uncensored])

~Coming Soon~

As we may well be out of our homes, Rossa's mother suggested these:

... and asks could it be planes next?  Methinks it might be boats.

I note in passing that the two commenters at the top of the sidebar are currently Ripper and Maniac - wonder if we're attracting a certain clientele - think before long we could well do with those arms of oak.


  1. James will “enjoy” it? I’d suggest Ch4 as a fairly comprehensive start point.

    1. I would have thought Ch5 would be more to your way of thinking. Perhaps 'enjoy' was the wrong word to use, but meant as something that you can relate to since you have touched upon these subjects yourself in the past.