Saturday, May 08, 2021

Saturday [1 to 6]

6.  Andy

a.  This:

No need to read it. The article doesn't live up to the headline, in the sense of project fear.

[Just love that from Andy - here's a link, not worth reading.  New string to our bow. :)]

b.  I suppose if a country self styled itself as Godzone the inevitable would happen.

New Zealand has gone over to the hoofed one.

5.  DJT back kicking butt

4.  The unnamable topic

3. Fake vaxx cards

2.  1928 chrysler by janicenotabot

1.  Housekeeping

Don’t know about you but I’m struggling to navigate this site, to find a section from a few days ago, with Higham posting links every few hours, plus he doesn’t run Categories or Tags.

Hence the header numbering system but ... and this is a big butt ... to read this site on the strength of the sent links and blurbs, perhaps you need to have a pen and slip of paper nearby.  If there’s something you want to read later, maybe during the night, maybe next day, maybe return to days later, then on paper you might jot down, say: Thu 060521 (14) haiku bbc fishing ... something like that.  Then you can always come back to it.  

However, I have to play my part by putting in the “Read more” link after one day, which reduces the posts to one window height for speedier scrolling through.  

There are the regular archives by month, yes.  Keywords sometimes help but I’ve noticed Google is ultra-pedantic about it - the word must be exact, not thereabouts.  And if that word is too generalised, then hundreds of posts come up.  If too narrow, then almost none do.

For my own use,  I need to run a “Quotes” link in the sidebar [starting Saturday], a page of them, rather than always having to search for, say, Woodrow Wilson’s “men have confided to me”.

One way is to put up a “Latest posts” gadget but what’s the point if I number posts?

Just thoughts, readers, just thoughts.

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