Wednesday, May 12, 2021

R.I.P. Queen Mary

Arthur Hugh Clough's “The Latest Decalogue's couplet on murder, "Thou shalt not kill; but needst not strive officiously to keep alive:" is often quoted – usually out of context – in debates on medical ethics in the sense that it is not right to struggle to keep terminally ill people alive, especially if they are suffering.”

By a stretch of the imagination, it could also be applied to Mary of Teck’s ship.

We run youtubes of interest here - most are just that - of interest - and require no action on our part.  Just a few though do raise questions which a blog such as this needs to re-ask.

1.  The big question is what does one do about icons such as the Queen Mary?  As the salvage report says, if they don't act now, whoever 'they' are, then the ship becomes unsalvageable, in the sense that no one's going to fork out that amount of dosh to try.

And at the same time, she slowly moves towards the state of that Soviet sub.  At least the Spruce Goose is now elsewhere.  The alternative of course - go for it and fork out the $200m for the ship alone, $500m for the project, another $500m for access and infrastructure at council level.  They can't attract that sort of money, especially for a centrepiece which is a relic.

The big difference with something past its sell by date is the same as for the Cutty Sark - it is beloved by so many, including by those with the dosh.  That elegance inside was what pulled in the moneyed but this is a tackily repaired hulk now and who of the moneyed is going to journey down to that carpark to rub shoulders with the hoi polloi?

Obvious question is what to do?  A WTC7 CD job?

2.  I've seen reports of the massive spread of satanism across America like kudzu.  As the churches are white-anted, festivities have started taking more and more satanic form, e.g. Carnivale.  The video above tried to make out the young people were responding to "paranormal" festivals.  No they weren't, they were responding to occult.  Call a demon a demon.

Hence everything from hook-up culture to the symbolism and dark arts. Idiots think it's just fun.  To paraphrase Private Frazer: "The Queen Mary is doomed."


  1. I repeat myself, but my wife actually saw Queen Mary (the personage not the ship).

  2. Toodles.

    Well, I saw Don Knotts. He waved. That was before he passed away,of course.

    He made an appearance in my hometown for the grand opening of the Ghost and Mr. Chicken there.

    We are very sophisticated down my way, don'tchaknow?

    1. Itching to comment on how he might have died but best not. :)