Monday, May 10, 2021

Mark Stein and a difficult interview

Before we start, could you, if the praying kind, put in one for Ubermouth and Pastor John, Also Mike at OoL and his wife's soul. You might like to go over there.


This is not a new interview below, it's from 2017, sometime around then, and it was always odds on to crop up again, having explored the Black Pigeon thing.

The difference is that when I listened to Black Pigeon, agreeing with most, disagreeing with some and then blogging on it - well, it was just regulation guy on guy.  

Not so the moment a female comes into it, especially one like this.  There is always tension but in Ms Shepherd, there’s also all sorts of cognitive angst:

#  First and foremost was the male-female tension because let's face it - Mark Stein is a beast, plus LS has straight student mentality, needs to be with her peers, she herself introduced her beauty into the conversation by a side door but MS did not bite. 

MS did very, very well and I speak here as one who did interviews as part of my job - he most certainly put her at ease but but but - he should have kept his right hand back from the end of the armrest, far from her knee. On his lap would have been better.

#  The political tension.  If cognitive dissonance needed a face, it was hers.  She's made a song and dance about still being of the left, she even lists the leftist positions [another video] which she still holds for the benefit of her erstwhile friends she still half had.  She lost a boyfriend over the free speech issue.  She was an SJW grad, then made into a Gender Warrior Officer for the university - you couldn't get further into the enemy camp if you tried, and that's what makes her a fascinating interviewee.  She's still clinging to her leftism, even though knowing, deep down, it is utter BS.  Near the end, the ludicrous gay marriage guff - she’s still brainwashed.  Again, MS does not bite.

#  She's sitting almost bolt upright, slightly forward in her chair, so introverted and yet revelling in being the centre of attention. Yet she fears his menace and what makes it more dangerous is he handles her with kid gloves. Her whole backstory is one of treachery against her, of weak leftists not supporting her, of entrapment by left authorities - if my own side does that to me, thinks she, then what will MS do to trap me?  Answer is 'nothing untoward'.  She's not dealing with the MSM here.

#  Left-right, Woke-antiwoke?  The right themselves are quite happy to be called some variant of right - we could call it Right and anti-Right but better to use Woke and anti-Woke because it more exactly defines that university and others across the land.  In other words - unethical.

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