Sunday, May 16, 2021

Cassius Clay's early fighting years

A bit out of sorts this evening, one or two issues, so hostilities will be resumed tomorrow.

I've been watching the early career of Clay, including the second Liston match-up - very strange stuff, that Phantom Punch but there's not a bad video on it, which suggests that the punch did connect and was one of his repertoire - square off, draw the fighter in, right foot goes back and the right punch catches the bent over fighter on the jaw.

Was Liston dirty?  Who knows?  My feeling is yes.  Did Clay's punch connect?  If it was good enough for Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano, it's good enough for me.

Then came the 1967 Ernie Terrell fight and the question of Clay's name came up.  I'd be all right calling Clay by another name were it not that he dragged Terrell's eye along the rope as "punishment" for calling him Clay ... so henceforth, he's Clay to me.

This is where it gets complicated. Those were Warren Commission days and nasty things were happening in America so I've mixed feelings about it - I also was against Vietnam at the time.  But at the same time, was against Hanoi Jane and Chappaquiddick Ted.  It began to seem to me that both sides were crooks.

Interesting meeting between Elvis and Clay.

Sonny Liston.


  1. Steve


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  2. I actually have a copy of the (Camden) Courier-Post of the day after the Terrell fight. Full coverage on sports front; will send.