Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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12.  Other snippets

a.  David Cameron - the prime example of how senior politicians and bureaucrats feel they have an entitlement to use their inside knowledge and chummy contacts, gained when in publicly-funded office, to line their own pockets after leaving.

b.   Former Brooklyn Center, MN, police office Kim Potter was arrested & taken into custody at 12:30pET today by agents of the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Potter will be booked into jail & charged with 2nd Degree Manslaughter.

Must admit I've missed most of this - I think I did see the footage and first quick glance, it seemed fair enough what she did.  However, a couple of ladies on our side have been saying weeelll, technically legal but probably an error of judgement. This is the first time I've thought it through - let me see if I have this correct - they allowed a young lady like that onto frontline duty?  And put a gun in her hands?

Uh-huh.  What could possibly go wrong?

c. Danielle Marie:

There's a professor at my university giving students extra credit that take the vaccine. Unprofessional, unethical, and inappropriate.

11.  Distant Relative

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10.  Ripper

it seems that people either don't understand or don't really want to know. 

Thing is, if covid doesn't exist, its therefore impossible to have a vaccine for it, yet here they are.


  1. The police shooting case: if the girl hadn't shouted "Taser" but had deliberately pulled her gun and shot him might she not have got off with it?

    I mean here is a chap charged with gun crimes refusing to be cuffed and then jumping into his car. For a gun? For a getaway? Wouldn't shooting the bugger be reasonable under US operating procedures?

    As for the error, how the hell could she confuse the bright yellow taser that one uses with one's left hand and the gun that one fires with the right hand?

  2. "The shit is going to hit the fan in Maricopa County....mark my words... if you don't think this audit won't find 11,000 fraudulent ballots.... you must be a Democrat."

  3. Steve

    May as well start with this:

    Dr. Steven Hatfill: Fauci, FDA's Woodcock Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths for Smearing Hydroxychloroquine.

    Oh dear..

    CHAUVIN TRIAL UPDATE: National use-of-force expert testifies that Derek Chauvin did not use deadly force on George Floyd.

    Oh dear Pt.2

    CNN obituary begins:

    James O'Keefe Announces Lawsuit Against CNN - says Tomorrow's Release Explosive

    Ending with this little snippet:

    Arizona Election Integrity Update: Audit Location Found

    1. Steve

      Oops, nearly forgot:

      Battle of the Experts - on Primetime Radio Show - Mortality Reality Revealed!

  4. Potter can't be all that young. She has 26 years of service with the police. Maybe not much of it handling actual weapons recently?