Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday [3 to 8]

8.  Steve

Facts Emerging from Derek Chauvin’s Trial Contradict Media’s Account of the Incident 


The first minute and a half is explosive: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer - EXPOSING FRAUD and Restoring FAITH in Elections 


 Sidney Powell: 


7.  This and that


DR: Best info I've come across apart from that film, is the book by Jon King/John Beveridge. Princess Diana: The Evidence. From his (Jon King) contacts (military, iirc) they knew 10 days or so before the event that some big name was going to be taken out. It is also claimed in that book that Them had had a dummy-run with the Boston Brakes device in the UK. The intended victim in that instance was Camilla. She survived obviously. The media ran the story of her "running away from the scene of an accident", again iirc. She was being driven somewhere - she wasn't alone in the car.

6.  Distant Relative

"A group of German business owners created a visual representation of Coronavirus to encourage people to return to freedom!" 


IT didn't go under the radar in these parts:



Important archive has been added to the sidebar, DR.  You further note:

My comment on Di was in ref to the vid you posted Unlawful Killing/Death or whatever it was. Royal Foibles link was in ref to Phil the Greek being a devoted husband and all that poop. 

Ta.  You also note: 

The two web archive links go to the search page.

Yes they do.  One is now repaired, the other is the sidebar addition.  Also, there was a link in the comment to a page of mine which cannot now be linked to.

5.  The killer poison

More on the poison from a lady near where an old man who'd been given the jab came out, collapsed and died.

The old story, innit - the very people who should NOT be having it - those aged or with underlying conditions - are the very people being heavied into having it.  That's not evil?

4.  That's a nasty topic, so something lighter

The vicissitudes of language:

3.  Just posted a fairly long post at OoL


It took about an hour and a bit out of prep time, so N.O. posts are a bit later today.


  1. #7 4 parts to an interview with the author




  2. #7 After more truffling I've found the full interview With Jon King now. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhiprs

    Scrap the above 4 part excerpts if you wish.

  3. If you want the Epstein archive it can be found here:


  4. You'd have to be mad to believe the Diana assassination yarn. Who the hell can plan an assassination when they didn't know what the dizzy bird's next move would be? She improvises a trip to Paris. The idiot, Dodi's father (can't remember his name), calls a drunk driver back to duty to drive her somewhere or other. All this is chaotic - you can't plan for that.

    1. Meanwhile, there's this river, see, in Egypt, was quite muddy last time I was on it.

    2. Balls. Name any other assassination performed on someone whose movements were unpredictable.