Sunday, April 11, 2021

Still Sunday

16.  Enoch sets the record straight

15.  Thought you'd escaped? :)

14.  Haiku sends

"Great now even monkeys can beat me at Pong."

13.  Gatestone had this

  • In 2015, a French journalist compared the National Rally Party to the Islamic State. [National Rally President] Marine Le Pen responded by posting on Twitter two photographs of crimes committed by the Islamic State and added, "This is Islamic State".... In court, the judge asked Le Pen, "Do you consider that these photos violate human dignity?". Le Pen replied, "It is the crime that violates human dignity, it is not its photographic reproduction".

  • "Fourteen months before the presidential deadline of 2022, ... the supposition is that ... Marine Le Pen, will necessarily be in the second round of the election and that whoever will face her is no longer guaranteed to win". — Le Monde, March 22, 2021.


  1. Yer mechanism YouTube: have you got one of the mechanism Watt invented to avoid using the patented crankshaft? (I think I've got that right but it was decades ago that I read about it.)

  2. The Rivers Of Blood speech was deliberately provocative and so caused a backlash that shut off the debate from the common discourse. Most unfortunate.