Thursday, April 08, 2021


A cautionary tale indeed, lads and lassies:

Schmelzer started publishing his music in 1659. 

He was appointed vice-Kapellmeister on 13 April 1671. On 14 June 1673, after the composer petitioned for ennoblement, the Emperor raised Schmelzer to the ranks of nobility; Schmelzer now added von Ehrenruet to his name. 

Eventually, after his predecessor had died, Schmelzer became Kapellmeister on 1 October 1679.

Unfortunately, he fell victim to the plague early in 1680, and died in Prague (requiring but one change of letter), where the Viennese court moved in an attempt to evade the epidemic. Were they cu’ssed?

There ye go now.  A mysterious legend (which I just invented) stated that anyone listening to this music below and starting to cough or develop a sore throat:

... has just heard the ominous sound of Johanne Heinrich Schmeltzer and had best take some HCQ and a Strepsil.  Drink lots of liquid and mind how ye go now.  Sleep well.


  1. Steve

    Stories for bedtime:

    BREAKING! NH Senate Sends the New Hampshire “Windham Incident” FORENSIC AUDIT BILL to the Governor! (24-0 Vote!)

    (for those unfamiliar with this story 'the forensic audit will determine the huge discrepancy between the election day results and subsequent recount of Windham’s November 3, 2020 State Rep. race where a difference of 1,363 total votes from just 10,006 ballots was uncovered.')


    South Carolina shooting: Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams killed 5 before taking his own life, authorities say.

    A look at the following photo of the perp I think we can assume minimal to zero coverage by the MSM:

    1. Terrible for the Doctor's family. To lose so many in one moment is awful.

      Meanwhile, I glossed over some headlines about the incident. Some were going down the route that football had messed with him, I presume that the blame will be placed on the concussions he received.