Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday [5 to 7]

7.  Two cross genre numbers

One by a jazz band who try some blues/rock/pop here, interesting take:

And one by a baroque and early music ensemble who seem to go OTT modern:

Having said they went OTT just now, the very nature of bass continuo at the time of baroque did lend itself to modern interpretations thereafter.  And with CC Rider, it was interesting seeing how they came to terms with it. Methinks the trombonist did not quite at the start, the singer did.

Back to the l'Arpeggiata 'romp', that would have been fine had it just been four dancers but in fact it was:

Soprano - Nuria Rial
Mezzo-soprano - Giuseppina Bridelli
Male alto - Vincenzo Capezzuto
Countertenor - Jakub Józef Orliński

[Picks jaw up off chest]  Blurb continues:

Encore at live concert which took place in TivoliVredenburg concert hall, during Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht on 30th of August 2016.

That Catalan soprano is one very naughty girl.

6.  Interesting that this should come up now

Maybe I should take notice of Steph:
People put doctors on some kind of pedestal as if we should trust them.  Doctors have been treating type II diabetes by adding insulin resulting in millions of people slowly dying when diet can fix it.  Doctors don’t question what the system tells them to do.  I don’t trust them.
In general though, this is the sort of thing happening now, innit?

5.  While men were still men 

... and not knock-kneed wimps who fall to their knees before games, worshipping embarrassed visitors and world cricket watchers:


  1. CC Rider has been a jazz tune for a century.

    WKPD: In October 1924 "Ma" Rainey was the first to record "See See Rider Blues" at Paramount Records New York Studio. Her Georgia Jazz Band included Louis Armstrong on cornet, Charlie Green on trombone, Buster Bailey on clarinet, Fletcher Henderson on piano, and Charlie Dixon on banjo."