Sunday, April 11, 2021

Patricia Janečková

The timing of this after the Tuesday Weld interview last evening is no accident. And the reason is, as you'll see in the interview near the end, that Patricia Janečková is surrounded by supportive people interested in developing her voice ... slowly ... in its own time. Her voice, all right?  Her voice.

Her voice coach makes an interesting point about not wanting her hurt.  Those surroundings were not enjoyed by Tuesday Weld, who was an absolute mess in 1971, even with a supportive host like Dick Cavett. As for the other two, as mentioned last evening - what a cold woman, what an unpleasant man on our right for TW to be wedged between.

Let's start with Patricia's latest, beginning with her blurb [this is 2021]:

The time we are experiencing is unique and specific in many ways. That requires an original and unconventional approach for artists who want to keep in touch with their audience. That's why I pulled out my picnic version of the grand piano and accompanied myself to Rossini's song La Danza.

... and the music:

And now for something completely different

Both are reaction videos, both are of Patricia with the Doll Aria - but apart from her, the interest is in the two different reactions - one from Arizona and one from London.

The London reaction is from a young feminist, which caused me to write, on her site:

What is most interesting is that there are two reaction videos of the Doll Aria I saw, the other being The Charismatic Voice. One concentrates on feminism and who controls whom, the other concentrates on the vocal gymnastics and how difficult this piece is.

I did not receive a YT heart of approbation for that comment.

This is the other one referred to:

Don't know about you but I learnt a fair bit during that commentary about how difficult it was, how PJ played relatively safe at one point, how she was quite accurate, how her youth added playfulness and so on.  Commentator mentioned PJ is still young, a long way to go.

Going to have to watch the weight later, PJ, she’s the small, curvy type who can pile it on quickly:

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