Monday, April 19, 2021

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11.  Work from home

10.  Common thread to all this

9.  Estusratus writes

My son is the only person on his ship who has refused the Vacc1n3. He was called in by 3 #RoyalNavy medics with a filled syringe on the table and coerced as to why he should have it. He refused again, so BRAVE. Why inject healthy young adults? #stopbullying  #keepbritainfree

8.  How to enslave a population

Montgomerie Granger:

The New World Order Is Taking Its Mask Off While Telling You to Keep Yours On

Reply by Litehouse:

“Whether by design or by accident, politicians, the corporate media, billionaires, and the expert class figured out that if they crushed the economy and terrified citizens, they could convince them of almost anything.”

7.  Rossa's mother again

Even more disturbing......... also a pregnant woman who had the virus at the beginning of her pregnancy is being threatened by the doctor that if she doesn't have the vaccine no birth allowed in the hospital!!! 

Don't know where this was, although reported on BBC.

My aunt works at the Hospital in North Bay Ontario, and she says the hospital has suddenly seen a massive increase in patients going through emerg. The hospital was previously empty for the most part with citizens avoiding it like the plague over this Covid nonsense. The surge in patients is not because of Covid-19, it's all people who've received the vaccine.

She told me that many of them seem to be exhibiting mental health problems. Saying that many don't know where they are or what is happening. The vaccine appears to be attacking their minds as these poor souls are rapidly losing contact with reality.

I keep sharing content like this because I know that every person that wakes up is a life/soul that has been saved.

If this continues, there will be a massive shift in consciousness as all the sheep who are too far gone, refused to see truth and even fought against and attacked truth sayers, will no longer matter. They're lost, and it's too late to change it. Sterility, mental decline, and a nonexistent immune system is their reward.

Those who refuse the vaccine are the only people who have an actual future. It's a harsh truth, but it is truth none the less. I pray that we can awaken as many as possible because the fate they will suffer is worse than death. We must never stop trying to save for this is God's work that we're doing

Please repost so as many people Canadian's can hear this as possible.

Not just in Canada, bro.

6.  Even the TPA misses the point

There was great news this week as many hospitality venues were finally able to open again. But after a year of coronavirus restrictions, the industry has been battered. The government’s VAT reduction to 5 per cent is coming to an end in September. After a summer of fun, Britain's bars, pubs and restaurants will need a helping hand to get through winter; especially if covid restrictions make a return.

That’s why the TaxPayers' Alliance is leading calls for the government to extend the 5 per cent VAT reduction until April 2023

Fine, noble and all that but it begs the question of why we're even in that position.  Answer is the massive increase of those on the govt teat, plus the ageing whom they're trying to kill off with the help of nurses.


  1. 7. All part of the plan. Page 59 of this
    "That month, a group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corovax vaccination sued the federal government, demanding removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corovax"

    NB Corovax is the name they came up with for this scenario.

    Them's wish list.

  2. Monday, #11. Best friend aghast as Isaac comes out as LGBGQWERT.