Monday, April 19, 2021

Monday [12 to 15]

15.  Steve

DR said 'Fascism 101.'   Damn straight, so is this: Military Is Targeting Republicans to Get Them Kicked Out of Service 

Braincell update: Devin Nunes Comes Clean on AWOL President: We Don't See a Lot of Biden Every Day 

Like the CIA did in the early 1960's the FBI has ceased being a force for good: Unsealed Records detail FBI/DOJ Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell cover-up 

You really couldn't make this stuff up.. Organisation that shipped tax dollars to the Wuhan animal lab got another pandemic bailout check. 

I predict a riot.. Mad Maxine stirs up hate - Says Chauvin Should be Convicted of 1st-Degree Murder

14.  Distant Relative

Video. Dr Shiva's ongoing court cases with evidence govt is colluding with big tech corporations to silence dissenters. Worth a listen, imho. 

Fascism 101.

13.  Sums up South Africa

12.  Q & A

Martin Daubney:

What has happened to London? Lawless streets, random stabbings of civilians, ordered from inside prison. And a Mayor who is soft on crime.  How low have we fallen? Jail is too good for these vermin. But they need to go away for life, and never get out 

First words:

We don’t need a modern-day Paul Revere to warn us, it’s all very clear. We don’t need him to tell us the commies are coming, they’re already here.

Uniparty aiding, abetting, planning, implementing.  Quislings.  Execute.


  1. Indulging in some escapism from yesteryear. What-ho! Toodle-pip!