Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Midweek movie

Laughed my donkey off when I saw this one:

Now lasses - if you won't come clean and say which movies you'd like to see, then I'll just have to keep running made-for-lads movies like this.  One review:

Funny opening sequence: Steve Blake (Leif Erickson) enters the office of a lawyer and says: "You may have to defend me in a murder case." 

"Have you killed someone?" asks the lawyer.

"Not yet!" replies Blake, and begins to explain what made him consider that final option. 


"Blonde Savage" is a B movie about yet another girl lost in the wilderness, but in true "Sheena" style became a goddess to the natives. One little difference between other movies and this is that Blake tells almost the whole story as a flashback, thus providing the opportunity to make ironic comment on everything. 

Gale Sherwood plays Meelah, the jungle girl Blake refers to as "that blonde package of TNT". 

Maybe even better is the role of Veda Ann Borg as Connie Harper, the villain's wife who has a difficult decision to make: shall she keep her mouth shut and stick with her husband, or would it be better to leave him and tell the truth? 

Well, "Blonde Savage" is good old action adventure cinema of the kind they don't make anymore, maybe not very original but definitely enjoyable.

Sometimes, there's nowt better than an enjoyable, escapist piece of schlock.

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