Friday, April 23, 2021

Lateral thinking was required

One needs to be careful, even in running a post which telegraphs moves but after some discussions this morning, inc. those within the industry, the core idea is that the haulage firm must put the craft down near water and we do the rest - no haulage firm will put us on the water under EU regs.

Therefore, of all the designs - and boy have we been over a few of em - the one it needs to be is a main hull and pontoon, both of which sit flat, no downwards protrusions and built such that bottom, deck and sides are perpendicular, 4 foot, one and a half inches by 4 feet, requiring no cutting.  Protrusions are then built in only from the deck.

At offloading, hull and pontoons sit on dolly wheels.  I estimate four men could launch her, using winch attached to van chassis.  The crossbeams, two, are lifted across the hull and pontoon and tied down.  This dismantling method precludes the need for folding.

Ends up not a whole lot different to this:

The main attractions to me are its blue water ability, taking horrendous seas some years ago in the Pacific, its shallow draft of 14 inches for British conditions, plus its ease of sailing, plus its ability to beat a tide of 10 knots at a pinch. The pontoon holds most storage, the hull is living space.

The reason why now is everything is at hand ready to recommence, health is ok.


  1. When I was a wee lad I helped with the building of a "punt", which for us meant a clinker-built rowing boat: obviously I was just a gofer. I loved it.

    In my teens I helped build an inshore trawler: 39 foot, carvel hull. There my contribution was direct - I was allowed to use any tool except an "Each" (i.e. Adze). I loved it. By God I became handy with a caulking iron and mallet.

    But is it wise to take on such a job in one's decrepit years without younger people around to help? Or at least to call the ambulance?

    1. What tipped the balance was a chap phoning some days back, reminding me he owes me four days. Obviously hinting he wants more than that. He has two mates, hence the four. You’re quite right about decrepit years - they’re fifteen years younger than I. It’s really crying to be done. We were discussing our plan of attack. Chap today is a builder, was advising.