Monday, April 19, 2021


1. Doesn't matter to the DemRats, RINOs, Cabalists, CINOs [in churches], death cult, Zionists, Uniparty, global UN communists, MSM, soc-med trolls, the Wokerati, cancel culture, self-entitled, perma-victim SJWs, millennials and post-millennials etc. etc./2.

2. Doesn't matter to them where the conflict comes from or between whom, the only important thing now is to create a toxic, incendiary environment where wormtongues whisper oppression into sensitive ears.  Then kaboom! /3.

3. In the UK, it's more likely to be death cult versus the  indigenous; in the US, it's more likely to be black versus everyone else [guess who'll win that one].  They were really trying hard to make it vaxx/mask zombies versus the sane.  Fine weather got in the way. /4.

4. They'll have to fall back on the race card to get an inter-racial civil war up and running. One thing no one seems to be factoring in is - the moment the killings start, in come compromised FEMA and Nat Guard. /5.

5. They're in league with the military brass which the Donald found were rank treasonous, gallows quislings [Matis for example needs to swing] and of course the military move in to kill off, incarcerate and re-educate patriots. In a straight war, patriots would win. /6.

6. This is not a straight war. Against all these agencies mentioned above, unless the soldiers desert [something they are loathe to do because it's drummed into a soldier] and join patriots, then communism has won. /7.

7. That's out there in the public eye.  What about privately?  The Muslim shopkeeper who asked me minutes ago to tell him which items I'd like to see in the shop - religious war there?  We then discussed the weather.  What of the mutual followers on my Twitter account?  /8.

8. Racial war?  Don't think so - many of those are Christian anyway. Bottom line is that very few around these parts want war with ordinary people - well maybe with the insane vaxx and mask zealots but not along any other lines.  /9.

9. And of course, execution of treasonous pollies would help - people like the Squad, Mad Maxine, Pelosi, while Hancock in the UK needs to be executed - followed by the cleaning out the Capitol and Westminster Augean stables. /10.

10. Both countries have the problem of illegals and child trafficking - the US also has the recent coup d'etat which people are just blithely accepting of.  Sheesh!  Bottom line - target the cabalists and agents provocateurs, not ordinary folk. /END.


  1. HandCock.
    As my mother in law used to say "Hingins too good for 'im."
    He should spend eternity, or the rest of his days, which ever is shorter, in a white circular cell with constant replays of his inanities projected on walls with distorted sound of his voice from varying volume surround sound speakers.
    His adoring public can come and watch him through a ceiling mounted concealed CCTV and throw tokens of their appreciation on him.
    Everytime he nods off the cell will flood, ostensibly to wash away the tokens