Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday [12-14]

14.  Gillian McKeith

Do not soften your stance on vaccine passports or access papers or whatever you want to call them in order to "make life easy".....That will not set you free. Such a move will imprison you more in the end. Now is the time to get tough not become soft.

13.  Go for it, boy, take em for everything

Ripper:  O'Keefe responds:

“I am suing Twitter for defamation because they said I, James O’Keefe, ‘operated fake accounts.’ This is false, this is defamatory, and they will pay. Section 230 may have protected them before, but it will not protect them from me. The complaint will be filed Monday.”

Just thinking he might adopt the motto "nemo me impune lacessit".

12.  KB

These should be the two defining questions of 2021:

1] How do we revoke the Emergency Health legislation currently destroying the very fabric of our society?

2] What mechanism can be put in place to ensure this type of legislation can never see the light of day again?

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  1. Steve

    He's done with it:

    Seranza Resigns in Italy Admitting This is a Marxist Revolution Using Covid

    This is called 'throwing the kitchen sink' at it:

    Arizona Republicans Take Outside Money for Partisan Audit