Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Chauvin and the rule of law

This pretty well sums it up for me and to what Josh Philipp says in opening of the video [the part I've viewed so far], I'll add Andy's and Toodles's comments.

Andy's comment [from Britain] was:

I didn't find out about the verdict from any news sources, instead it was at the top of a baseball game. The announcers expressed their relief at this verdict. I turned the telly off.

Toodles's comment [from the US] was:

Andy, just in case my comment gets through here I understand your turning off the baseball game. I am having to give it up. You supplied just one more reason I am having to do that.

Yes - any sane, law-abiding citizen would come to the conclusion both of you did and Josh did - the politicisation is jawdropping and beyond the pale.  It does nothing to improve race relations, nor does Twitter's actions on those saying the same thing, inc. me.

In fact it drives a wedge through society because, as with yesterday's issue of the whole Covid biz, there is no consideration or recognition of there being no consensus and there being reasonable doubt, given the circumstances.

Biden, the usurper in the coup: "We're going to stay at it, we're going to get it done."  Meaning?  Clear case for mistrial, against all due process, as the judge noted.  MSM clearly complicit.

Further at this moment.  Steve brought:

Alan Dershowitz: Judge Should Have Called Mistrial in Chauvin Case After Threats by Maxine Waters

Going to include my own situation vis-a-vis Twitter and Twisted Root's comment:

Standard attack vector for the paid scumbags who have taken the ticket and discarded all virtue and honour. Very carefully designed technique to make ordinary people hesitate [in] characterising anything you say as a call for violence. Of course projection, as always, is at play here. It is only to be expected from that damaged personality type. Only correct response is ban and speak louder and more often.


  1. The jurors were afraid of being doxxed and seeing their city engulfed in flames. Chauvin never had a chance.

  2. It's possible that large Dem controlled cities may find it difficult to recruit and retain police officers. Amid all the rejoicing at the verdicts, they should remember to be careful what they wish for.

  3. The Kaigat Of Wands - unfortunately social trust has broken down here (the US) in large metro areas or at least is well on the way to doing so. A lot of people I know have said if they're ever on a jury their decision will be based solely on the ethnicities involved, nothing else.