Monday, March 01, 2021

The POTUS speech and cyber issues at N.O.

1.  The Donald and the CPAC speech

Predictably, it gave Americans much heart.  To follow the Donald in this Cancel Culure war with the faux media and cabal, one needs to be online savvy to the point of knowing where to catch his words.

Last evening it was on Rumble, whatever that is, but it was also on Twitter in one man's tweet they failed to snuff out - not sure why.  And it was that I was live blogging on, though I myself could not watch live for UK reasons, but I do have a legal way around that.

As the Donald pointed out - for supporters of America to have to resort to such measures to hear their POTUS speak is bizarre and criminal.  

His strategy is to create Save America PAC [OANN might not have had the details quite right], by which he, from Mar a Lago, sets up and funds a campaign for the mid-terms, plus the court cases etc.  No doubt many Americans and others will contribute to that.

The whole thing is quite wrong of course - he is the sitting POTUS at this moment, the Usurper in the WH is a criminal, as simple as that. Backed by the military top brass but not the ranks below.

2.  Cyber issues at N.O.

a]  If there are any issues at any time in commenting here at NOblogger, which there appear to be right now and these are listed below, then there is a failsafe which I am meant to keep open - here 'tis:

b]  'Meant' to keep open is the operative thang because it is different at NOWP to the old sites NOdotcom and NOUK.  There used to be a provision for keeping comments off after a certain number of days at WordPress but the key was - settings for individual posts could be overridden.  

That's a critical point, this overriding, which WP have taken away at NOWP and to compensate you, they shove ads up and down the page,  improving reader and blogger experience, eh?

That admin link above is open for business, as of March 1st, 2021 for five days it seems, after which, to keep it open, I have to manually change the publication date another five days on. Ad infinitum.  I let it slip, sorry me.  It is now operative.

c]  This provision in [b] does provide an outlet for commenters because apparently, there was a 30 minute comment on the CPAC speech and other matters from one of you, an attempt was made to post as Anon [with name] in the comments box and it seems to have gone into the ether. 

From my own experiences, that is deeply annoying, to put it politely and I'm quite sure many users of Blogger are simply not aware of the games Blogger scriptkiddies are playing.  Plus WordPress.  Users usually don't see the uncoordinating, the unsynchronising behind the scenes which these platforms shove in there to wreck the blogging experience.  I'd put it down to this Classic versus Block war which they started, not us.

In practice, to repeat myself, I'd use the link above and do it this way - write your comment as you would have and then use Ctrl and A together to highlight your comment before pressing any 'publish' button.  It should 'select' the whole comment.  

Then press Ctrl and C together to copy that comment. You then have not lost it to the ether.

You can then paste it wherever you want, using Ctrl and V together.  Once more - Ctrl A => Ctrl C => Ctrl V.

If you have a phone you're commenting from, then you will have your own system there of select all, copy, paste.  However, with me not having such a phone, I do not know the system it uses.  But there must be a provision on the phone, maybe in Settings, for learning this. 

Failing that, try google searching 'copying and pasting' for your device.

d]  Failing all this, may I make a humble suggestion.  Instead of writing the comment direct to the space Blogger give you - if it is becoming a long comment, use that Ctrl method or whatever it is you use to copy and paste, then go to the thingy which my ipad gives [and they call Pages], which saves the comment as a word page, for later retrieval.

To come back full circle to the NOWP link at the top of this post - leave the comment there. I will see it after usually no longer than an hour [DR gives a hollow laugh, I know, I know].  I then manually transfer it to this site in comments and mention that you posted it at NOWP, although sometimes that is unnecessary, the comment is just copied and pasted.

We should not have to do things this way, all that is true, but this is 2021 and this is what we have.  Plus your comments are vital.

3. Trolls and NOdotcom

a]  Yes, we do have one right now and as usual, he/she is conducting his/her own psy-ops on me, which is water off a duck's back.  The effect it does have though is forcing me to keep moderation on and not use Captcha.  As he/she knows, if a human bot or troll gets into comments, then it overrides the whole purpose of Captcha.

There is one good effect and that is to have to double check things every so often, something I should always be doing.

b]  Which brings in the question of resolving all this.  I can partly resolve the whole thing by bringing NOdotcom to a new host, by migrating the site.  However, that begs the question of what the issue was at NOdotcom in the first place.  

The issue was a cross between BT, WP, the host's configuration and my devices combined, which resulted in me being shut out of my own site.  No one else was shut out, only me.  It's a cyberjoke on me I suppose.

I need to reiterate that there were no personal issues I was aware of between mine host and me - it was only this issue of my lack of access unless I used Opera and only then for a brief few minutes at a time.  There's something seriously wrong in the configuration if that happens.

c]  So switching domain and migrating the Db may not resolve anything at all, there is that real risk. However, I did say I would make an irrevocable decision on this by Easter Monday, April 5th and that I shall be doing.

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