Thursday, March 04, 2021

The era of the airship

The Graf Zeppelin:

The Hindenburg:


  1. Really it was a lousy technology, but if you don't build a few you can't be sure.

  2. A good book to read is Slide Rule by Nevil Shute.
    At the time the government was sponsoring the build by 2 teams.
    A government, or at least their chosen clever-dicks designed managed and built dirigible, the R101 and a private industry one, R100, designed by Barnes Wallis.
    Wallis went to see the R101 in build, and was appalled. Among other things, sharp metal on the metal frame touching the big internal bags of hydrogen. He warned them, to no avail.
    The R100 made successful flights and never had any accidents.
    The R101 flew off on a high profile flight – a demonstration of socialist superiority – and flew into a French hill.
    The Government of course immediately had the embarrassingly successful R100 destroyed.
    It seems to be a Government thing to black-hole embarrassing successes that do not fit the “narrative”.