Thursday, March 04, 2021

Martin Scriblerus

There's some unwonted activity at ole Martin Scriblerus just now and I suggested to Grandad that our motto might be: "It takes some time."

Anyway, doing the rounds, I noticed this:

I mentioned in my last post the rise in spurious colleges, and if not outright scams, they are at best, misleading. In this post I would like to ‘raise the cudgel’ against so-called, ‘colleges for profit’. Conventional colleges and universities are primarily concerned with imparting wisdom and the financial aspect is of secondary importance. This is not to say that these institutions are indifferent to financial matters, however, they are primarily devoted to impart genuine knowledge at a fair price and student fees evince this laudable ethos. This to be contrasted with ‘for profit’ colleges where the learning process is subordinate to the gathering of fees. Consequently, tuition fees are much higher than charged by conventional colleges and this reflects and supports their prime motivation to make money (oodles of cash).

That's some blogging!  And here's another:

In the previous post about Long Covid, Professor Chris Whitty on the fifth of May 2020 said

 "....the great majority of people, even the very highest groups, if they catch this virus [covid19] will not die."

I have received in the post a Government booklet entitled "Covid-19 vaccination, a guide for older adults" and on the very last page it states "We do not yet know whether it [the vaccine] will stop you catching and passing on the virus."

Adding those two things together suggests that this 'vaccine' we are all being strongly urged to have will not protect us against a virus which is not going to kill us anyway!

That is almost surreal in its absurdity - the virus will not kill you but we will pretend to protect you by giving you this untested vaccine which is not a vaccine because it is normally used for gene therapy!

Essentially, in trying to explain Scriblerus, a near impossible task, the thing is the blogging. We can even be at odds [e.g. on Covid, vaxxes, lockdowns] - there are members who will not have a bar of me and yet we can still be in cahoots on other matters - explain that one!  

The blog's the thing, that's the whole point.

Anyway, sooner or later, the roll will reflect the changes, it takes some time you know.  :)


  1. "The blog's the thing, that's the whole point."
    It's the irresistible urge to dip the quill in the ink-pot and scrawl something on the old vellum. It matters not what is scrawled, just so long as the itch is scratched.

    1. Which, in my case, means habing to read N.O. each day, everything you, yourself care to pen and then using your 'other links' widget/thing below the comments to read everyone else's latest musings. Damned useful feature that....thank you.

  2. "We do not yet know whether it [the vaccine] will stop you catching ... the virus."

    Au bloody contraire, we certainly know that it won't stop you catching the virus; the bloody vaccine won't work unless you catch the virus.

  3. Scriblerus. It takes some time.
    Or in Granpa's case it might be "Tempus? Fuggit."