Friday, March 05, 2021


4.  Scotland the Brave?

3.  As suspected

H.R.1, a potentially unconstitutional voting rights package that would give the federal government unprecedented control over U.S. elections, contains many controversial sections

One of them exposed by Rep. Abigail Spanberger on Wednesday uses the pretense of foreign interference in U.S. elections as a rationale to grant the Department of Justice authority to remove undesirable social media posts.

Well of course - when the Federal govt did need to step in, the States resisted and the Fed Govt was jelly.  Switcheroo, with Trump gone, suddenly it's reversed. Utter scumbags.

2.  When only a snack will do

... coz a meal is too much:

1.  Sounds about right, via haiku

South African authorities have seized hundreds of fake Covid-19 vaccines following a global alert issued by Interpol, the international criminal police organisation.

Some 400 vials – equivalent to around 2,400 doses – containing the fake vaccine were found at a warehouse in Germiston, Gauteng, where officers also recovered a large quantity of fake 3M masks and arrested three Chinese nationals and a Zambian national, it said.

The arrests came just weeks after Interpol issued an orange notice warning law enforcement to prepare for organised crime networks targeting Covid-19 vaccines, both physically and online.


  1. #2. Glad that I am not alone in liking the juice in a jar of beetroot. Although I just quaff from the jar, I see that you are a bit classier, and use a wine glass.
    Just be sure to flush well or others will think that you have bladder problem.