Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday too

9. Mudplugger's and Julia's b'days

Just thought I'd mention it.

8. That ole devolution, eh?

7. When will these people be brought to justice?

6. More snippets

Isabel Oakeshott:

‘We can’t consider unlocking till we know there aren’t new variants’, claims BorisJohnson

 An impossible threshold! 

I’m sure we’ll soon be hearing scare stories about the Burkina Faso variant; the Bulgarian version; the Bolton variant...

Colorado Conservative:

I just got a call from the RNC asking for money. “We’ve gotta get out of socialism.” Said the caller. Face with tears of joy Republicans signed, sealed and certified a fraudulent election! The line went dead just like the RNC.

5. Have a gander at this:

Something so openly and melodramatically bad in what's going down.  De Santis orders the Florida National Guard home:

Governor DeSantis orders Florida National Guard home. 'This is a half-cocked mission and they are not Nancy Pelosi's servants.'

They've been treated abominably by the politicians till now. What sort of morons ordered them in and provided no accommodation, not even a barracks or school building, why did they have only the marble floors to sleep on?

Then the pollies ordered them out of the capitol, not to go home but to some inferior space?  Not wanted. Who came through in the end?  The usurped Donald.

Something not kosher here.


  1. The National Guard in Washington DC... just political props to strengthen the shakey claims of 'insurrection'.

  2. Hmm. Just tried to post a comment with a twitter link and Blogger through up a "Whoops" error window and a load of other stuff in text too pale for me to read with ease. Some sort of help suggestions.

    Seems they're trying everything.

  3. We just stay calm as you suggested and work a way around it. I suggest if that happens, create an email of some kind, tell me here which moniker to expect, then email what you want up, no cover note necessary, no names. Alternatively, go to NOWP and leave it there - I'll go over there now and create a post expressly for readers to leave what they cannot get through otherwise and I'll check on the hour in passing, easy-peasy. Third alternative is OoL as you did, it was effective, as Julia's a good gal.

  4. Proud to share the say with a good gal. Happy day, Julia.