Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Ne'er the twain shall meet again?

One of the main reasons I'm a fan of this gal is what she and hubby to be Martin Selner went through at a British port, so it does colour my view of her subsequent video, with twin sister, on girlie things like dating.  First the incarceration:

All right, onto the girlie romance type things - I saw it in youtube recommended [interesting in itself] and as I watched this old episode from 2018, it was so full of [un]common sense and turns of phrase that were quite to the point, that it lifted it above Brittany's occasional rants.

But the saddest part was that though I was impressed, I was reflecting on those watching and how very few are going to listen to the pair, heed what they say. On one side, the feminazis themselves - insane females who are so drunk on Woke that they can't see anything they're doing as wrong, mortal enemies of this pair of 'traitors' to the cause.

But sadly, on our own male side, so many MGTOW commenters were also so embittered that it simply allows of no rapprochement whatever. Now don't get me wrong, boys, there is no more bitter opponent of the CSA than I am, also of female and Woke-male judges in court cases, in the demonising of white males - all that is absolutely so and those two gals say so themselves in other videos.

What is SO frustrating is that it looks like, from the title of the youtube, that they're whining about not being able to find a good man but in fact, Brittany has and Nicole is not the sort to be without for long. Except for their views.

You see, they're not saints, they're just the female of the species, in the trad way. Were I a woman, of course I'd want, if I was that trad woman, to feel pretty sure the guy was a decent type, a bit of radical bad boy, a lot of common sense, sense of humour, will love and respect, that he could at least 2/3 support me, maybe my part-time work making up the rest. 

Reality in other words - a certain amount of money is going to be required to set up a home, innit - we've lost sight of those things.  

Back as a male again, call me naive but I would not think for one moment that money was the only thing on those sister's minds - what I'm trying to say is that there's a base level required to make things happen and the level of personal support from whichever gal it was ... well why am I explaining things which were taken as read in the 50s?

You see, when I watch them talking, I don't see ravening, nose-bone, tattooed monsters but what gals used to be, give or take the usual percentage of bad 'uns.  But as they say, the chances, in this embittered climate of good man and good woman being relatively untainted and still positive towards the other ... well it doesn't seem to me as if the odds are good.

And they need to be good, otherwise this society is stuffed. 

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