Saturday, June 20, 2020

Why N.O. has ceased to exist

There's been a fair bit of time since Friday morning when all this started and I've been through every move I personally can at this end, including but not limited to those mentioned in screenshots below.  There are still one or two I could set in motion but am not going to.  I have five devices and have used all, with and without LAN, still producing the same result.

The essential thing to understand, for those interested, is that while much of this is just a case of cascading tech errors in a few countries, not just the UK, there's also a bit of stick involving people with agendas, from the high and mighty tech giants to more humble people - at the same time.

It involves understanding that it could be at any level at all where the issue is - it could well be a bloodyminded airtime provider, it could be the giants' war with each other to secure our custom, it could well be the anti-spam doing this, it could be something far more personal.

As I have no way of working that out, I'm not going to worry about it because I could feel it starting to impinge on heart and that starts medical issues.

Thus, unless it resolves itself from somewhere, e.g. from the US, then N.O. as we know it has ceased to exist.  There is a part data base copy and that's to look at further down the track.

Here's the issue
While readers are still apparently getting N.O. - they can see the front page, comments and can click their way around pages, giving the impression that all is well, something in my final post I also thought was the case, in fact this is what I am getting on the two Windows based devices:

... and this is what I'm getting across the Safari based devices:

Permanently.  As in I have no way to access the site and if I cannot, then it is effectively dead.  There are two people with permissions allowing them inside and they can see and use the site ... but not me.

When I troubleshoot, this comes up:

... and this:

I'm thinking of trying the 'bypass ... for local addresses' but that's also down the track.  At the same time, this sort of thing is going on:

That is appearing on start-up now, with no way to remove permission to do so - therefore booting requires rebooting to get around it and use Chrome.  I used to have Ubuntu but it crashed with the old HP laptop and that was that.  From experience, I know it needs tech knowledge to avoid the MW traps it lays, in order to even install other ways.

Frankly, it is too much of a pain right now - health is more important - and so I'm over here blogging.  I see that no one at all has tried to comment so far, so not sure what to make of that.  I'll just keep blogging and see if anyone bothers coming over to look at the blog.


At the moment, the Blogger quirk whereby it is either moderation, captcha or membership of the site means that moderation is currently on.  I do apologise and then realise that that's what everyone else is doing out there at the moment - bending knees and apologising for things well beyond their control.

The upside is that I check moderation whenever a comment comes in and check the site regularly, except in the wee hours.


  1. Hello, 'tis me Distant Relative. Testing. Don't let the burgers get you down.

    2nd attempt at posting. When I tried to preview it disappeared.

    Anyhoo, in other news, UN flag just gone up in Antifastan aka Seattle and UN berating the Donald.

    1. Might be an idea to post under your moniker - now I understand why Vox Day does not allow Anonymous. Anyway, it works. I'm having to familiarise myself again with Blogger.

      Not sure why I am if they're going to ruin things with Nu Blogger late June but let's run with this for now.

  2. James, I am very sorry such a horrible thing has happened to you. I am also sorry for your readers. I am one of many.

    Prayers that the situation will soon be resolved for the better. Prayers for your health too.

  3. My tech skills don't go that far so all I can do is wish you luck. I'll add this site to my blogroll for now and hope for the best.

  4. Testing again using my moniker

  5. Stay calm James, tech problems cause panic. Donning my bacofoil titfer I believe that we are supping from the chalice with the palace. Malice at work on our systems. Similar problems to yours have plagued a US site which I occasionally visit♠️, he's sort of back now

    1. I got my Danny Kaye quote quite wrong, I hope you got the idea though.

      Could it be said that he invented rap?