Friday, September 11, 2009

[u.s.a.] twilight's last gleaming

Last word on America's Day of Remembrance, appropriately, from an American.

Vox Day:

America isn't coming apart, America is dead. Ideally, the remains would be divided in three.

There would be two coastal nations where the Left could celebrate diversity, experiment with godlessness and homosexuality, experience the true joys of vibrant multiculturalism, and enjoy the economic advantages of open immigration and socialism.

And there would also be a third nation in the middle, a White Christian conservative hellhole that would guarantee the right of immediate and permanent expatriation to the liberal paradises to the east and west for any of its citizens who yearned for the panoply of "rights" on offer.

Would-be emigrants attempting to leave paradise for the reactionary hell would be shot on sight, of course. The lessons of Californication and Mexification were already old when Alaric was attempting to settle his Goths in the Eastern Empire.

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  1. That was a decision made with great deliberation, in 1789. The voting, state by state, was close, and the population was very informed. The pro's and con's were very well understood, because they were both true. The decision was made to go with union because disunion was already becoming a great danger.
    The same great men, and certainly the people of that day as well, would now vote to end the union. What stands in the way is permanent government and all its dependents.
    There is one thing that could make that possible, and that is the present rulers of permanent government. Still, it is more likely we will follow Britian in time.


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