Wednesday, August 05, 2009

[hidden atrocity] will the world decry this one

We've all supported Neda and freedom in Iran.

We've all supported the ending of the appalling situation in Darfur.

We're all against oppression and prejudice, right?

Then would you also speak out against this atrocity?
Did anyone actually read or hear about it?


  1. Appalling,but true Muslims respect all life and don't even believe in cutting down a tree for it is life,too.

    I think for the Muslim faith in general to be smeared by these types of crimes is like holding Christians accountable for anything Christian KKK do.

  2. This is the bulk of what Moggs said, minus the link to someone who shall never be linked to on this site:

    "James, Can we do that? Wouldn't that be considered racism in some circles?

    I take Uber's point, but the religion of peace seems more prone to this sort of thing than most others from what I know of.

    The KKK of course are equal opportunity haters, They hate everyone except them, including other Christians of the wrong shade.

    [In] my post on related nastiness {I write on this].

  3. There's a lot of evil perpetuated in the name of religion and such sorts will interpret the bible to suit their agendas.

    Aren't all religions based on peace and goodwill to fellow man?

    The KKK are vile subhumans indeed,but their conduct is not carried out under the name of Christ but their hate mongering sub it would be wrong to equate their religion to their crimes.

  4. James,

    Yes, I read about it over the weekend.

    This was a given, a pragmatism, a real politik.

    It was not conduct carried out by a minority hate mongering group, a sect that thinks they 'respect all life and don't even believe in cutting down a tree for it is life,too.'.

    Whether or not you subscribe to the above it is the children of allah who are carrying out these atrocities, who subscribe to the child marrier deistic power that they are willing to die for.

    I suspect the Hindus respect all life - I may be wrong, is it the Sikhs?

    Once, in India, I was given a book whose main character was a university professor who took to the road, never trampling an insect, followed by acolytes(feminine) and other usual suspects. At the end he(ahem) exposed himself as an academic and.... the joke was understood by all.

    Of the report, there are so many lickspittles pandering to the outrageous that one can only say, no ask, why?

    They kill for religion.

    They glorify that killing.

    God is good.

    Peace Be Upon Him.


    p.s. Fuck that.

  5. I can't say your stance makes sense to me.

    OK. We are talking about something I said on a related subject that I admittedly feel strongly about the injustice of, yet you would deliberately ignore it. How far does this extend?

    What else will you not see?

  6. Moggs, you wrote:

    "What else will you not see?"

    How can we know that until it appears?

    More seriously, Moggs, I've told you before that you are very welcome here.

    There are three people though who are not welcome, all three know that, all know the reasons why and two of those people are thankful that none of us want this thing dredged up again, nor does the sphere want that either in any shape or form.

    These two are perfectly happy to run around the sphere in their own space and though we cross over occasionally, it's not a major event. They're probably blogging wonderfully and their supporters appreciate their blogs and their space in the sphere.

    That's as it should be.

    The third is a sad case and is known for projecting the very thing he's guilty of onto the person who accuses him. I'm currently awaiting an apology from him but I'm not holding my breath.

    Everyone has told him to get a life and stop hassling people.

    So, when you came over here, ostensibly to advertise your own post, which I'm very happy to do, by the way - you know I link to my blogger readers - but also knowing that it was her site which was being advertised ... well, I credit you with intelligence, Moggs ... I think you understand.

    Look, when any of them finally tells the truth and apologizes to me for what they did, they're welcome again.

    Can't say fairer than that, can I?

    While they persist in the lie, then they are not welcome and I'll delete not only any comment by them I see here but also any reference by third parties and any reply to this comment of mine now.

    This is why I extracted the advert, whilst keeping the substance of your comment intact.

    Equally, anyone springing to my defence on the matter in this comments thread will - and I know it sounds crazy - also be deleted, on the grounds that it can only induce a "right of reply" situation, which is what the other side has been angling for all along.

    So ..... this blog is scorched earth as far as THAT issue and those people are concerned. I've exercised my right of reply to your question but that's and end on't now [on that issue].

    As I've repeatedly said - you yourself are more than welcome.

  7. Uber - thanks.

    STB - also thanks.

    Both read and internalized.