Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blind to the glaring obvious

This is a follow up post, by the Jailhouse Lawyer, to the other post which stirred up the hornet's nest over the Lockerbie issue.

Sometimes people miss the glaring obvious as pointed out here. The same photo and footage was all over the world, but it was not mentioned by anyone until my eye for detail drew attention to it. For that I thank my Asperger's Syndrome. It is said that those who suffer from it can say inappropriate things at the wrong time.

Google Next time...Relax before you fly, and the two top Google rankings both feature the post on Nourishing Obscurity. That is an achievement in itself. Below the links to Nourishing Obscurity are links to Metro, Time Magazine, The Herald, and various blogs all pointing out secondhand and not one has the decency to state where the thought first originated.

I am not claiming that others will not have seen it and thought about it, but you heard it first here in published form which had the effect of alerting others to its exsistence.

People can get blinded by emotions. They are angry at the figure walking up the plane steps so do not see the banner. In prison I would watch those watching the football match being played not the game itself which they were absorbed in. It is like the US Secret Service bodyguarding the President, they watch the watchers.

Here it was a PR exercise, where image is important. It was inappropriate to use those steps with that banner. It might be said that it was inappropriate for me to have pointed it out. But, had I been there and in charge of the PR exercise I would have pointed out that the banner had to go.

Now, with all the fuss about the release and celebrations going on the media have another thing to focus upon the banner message and the irony.


  1. Isn't Jailhouse Lawyer a convicted killer?

  2. William Gruff: Well spotted. I am sure nobody else noticed...

  3. [William, can't let you have that last one.]

  4. It was presumptuous of me to impose on your hospitality as I did and I offer you a sincere apology but I hope you'll allow me to invite JL over to my place, where I will be delighted to discuss any points he cares to make.

  5. There you are, John - theinvitation is extended to debate it at William's place.


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