Friday, May 15, 2009

[triumph bonneville] just for the hell of it

Perhaps this is pre-1966 - anyone know? Was the best the T120?

Manufacturer Triumph Engineering Co Ltd
Also called 'Bonne'
Production 1959–1983
Predecessor TR6 Trophy
Engine Four-stroke Parallel-twin
Power 46 bhp (34 kW) @ 6,500 rpm (T120)
Transmission 4-speed (later 5-speed)
Wheelbase 55.75 in (1416.1 mm)
Weight 395 lb (179 kg)
Related TR7 Tiger


  1. I shall have to dig up pics of Granddad on his Brough bikes in the 30's.

  2. I never quite grasped the allure of the bonneville.

    The bike was ground-breaking when it first appeared, I can see that but by the time I was riding bikes in the '80s it seemed like a tea-trolley in comparison to the Japanese competition.

    I'll take the Kawasaki Ninja thanks.

  3. Uber, Wolfie and Wolfie - thanks.

    Spelling - oops.