Wednesday, May 06, 2009

[handguns] protecting your future or boys with toys

They love their guns in the U.S. of A. and with good reason. Apparently the fear of Obamamerica is about and suppliers are running out of stock. Here in the U.K. of course, guns are illegal, which leaves us all defenceless and at the mercy of Gordo's troopers but one man who did something about it [see pics above and below] was f-ed over real well.

Now, my legal advice is that you can show how to make a gun on a blog, as long as you don't encourage anyone to make it and you don't make it yourself. That's how they got him. If it's the issues you're interested in, Joe Huffman is your man.

Pity this debate is dead in the water in this country because it is more relevant now than ever before.


  1. So what would happen if you owned a gun and used it in defence over here?

  2. CherryPie,
    From what I understand of UK laws, there is a good chance that you would be arrested and tried for vigilantism. Apparently, you all only have the 'right' to run away. Again, I don't know for sure, perhaps each case would warrant evaluation.

    Gun sales here in the US are going through the roof, esp for 20gauge home-defense style (short barrel) shotguns. VP Biden is very anti gun, and there's rumour that they will try to outlaw shotgun sales.

    Ammunition is very hard to find right now (because they're selling out), except for maybe hunting/long range rifles. There's a joke circulating that the Gun salesman of the year award goes to Obama.

    Since before the American Revolution, the people who came here have had an ingrained sense of individualism and independent spirit. That combined with the sense of right to life, liberty and property/pursuit of happiness; and well...we like our guns, and we like our government (and bad guys) to know that we like our guns, I suppose.

  3. Apparently there's a lot of illegal going on over here.

  4. From what I understand of UK laws, there is a good chance that you would be arrested and tried for vigilantism.That is what I thought too!

  5. I salute that guy for trying to exercise his God-given right to firearms for self-defense. Now, granted, I don't think his description of the MET earned him any friends but I'm not on the ground in London, so I really have no room to speak. What I know, that they took away your freedom (but not your right, as your right comes from God!) to exercise your right to self-defense with a firearm, is that they don't care for your safety. So to you all, I tip my hat in this most trying of times.

    PS: You're right. I can't remember the last time I saw .45 ACP on a store's shelves; it's only been four months and change (no pun intended) but it feels like a lifetime!

  6. There's really a different mentality towards it this side and your side of the pond. I'm afraid I take your point of view.


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