Friday, May 08, 2009

Good Trance

Sometimes I find it amusing to be looking for a song on YouTube and then finding another one, completely by accident. Usually, the accidentally found one turns out to be quite good.

Such was the case last night when I was looking for "Ibiza Sunrise" by Labworks:

One question I've always had, since I never have been to Ibiza, (even during my six month sojourn in Spain) is why do they have these chicks in two piece swimsuits? You look at any, and I mean any song on YouTube that is from the electronica genre and you will find one version of the song (if it's only the song) that has an avatar or a real photo of some chick in a two piece. It's as if the two piece swimsuit and chick are symbols of the place.

A brief primer (please don't take this as the definitive word, as I'm just now learning although I've dabbled in the genre for a number of years now) on electronic sub-genres:

house - a genre that usually (but not always) has vocals and is generally listened to in (where else?) your house

trance - a genre that employs usually only methodic beats without vocals, very popular in clubs

dance - a genre that is easy to dance to (usually remixes of pop songs from what I've found)

Back to my story, last night I searched for Labworks' "Ibiza Sunrise" by typing in "sunrise on Ibiza" on YouTube and this came up

It is now my new favorite trance song. Enjoy!

PS: Did I mention I just finished my last final of my undergrad epoch? Joy!


  1. Matt,

    They call that 'trance'music? I was expecting some TM type music.

    I have a broad taste in music from Mozart to Eninem,but I've gotta say music is more migraine inducing. :)


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