Thursday, May 07, 2009

[darling's pisstaking] tyburn hill

Eamonn Butler:

When the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee asked how he decided to impose the new rate on everyone earning £150,000 or more, he replied: “There was no science behind it. It was simply my judgment.”

My mate just said:

'If that was private organization and someone [the one payrolling me] came to me and said there was a recognized mechanism for determining these things and I stuck two fingers up to tell him where to go, I'd be sacked on the spot. And it's not the first time he's ignored the recommendations of committees, just because he doesn't like those recommendations.'

I can't improve on that, nor on this comment by a fellow blogger on the Adam Smith site:

Lord T, May 06, 2009
It would take more than a day to work out the true level of public sector debt we have. I would:

Bring back Capital punishment for a day for Treason. Hang Blair, Gordo and his entire cabinet as well as every MP who voted for the Lisbon Treaty. Pref in a slow way. Televise the event and move the May day holiday to this day to remember it.

Then just cancel everything this lot has ever done. Repeal all the laws, cancel all the contracts and fire all the new staff. Don't forget to cancel capital punishment as well.
Make it so every second year in May we vote for a new Government. No MPs to serve more than 4 years. Fix them so they are unchangeable.

Any new laws would be put on a web site and voted for by the public where their inputs are considered if above a certain number of voters. Any will automatically expire after four years unless approved again in which case they become permanent.
Retire. You now have the PM's pension. Whoo Hoo.

My own comment is that if Eamonn Butler's words can be taken at face value, then Darling is taking the piss, quite openly. I do believe that, on the grounds that he is bringing that attitude to the disbursement of public monies, he should either resign henceforth or be up on treason charges, on the further grounds that he is, with malice aforethought, combined with criminal negligence, attempting to dismantle the British economy.

I mean really up on treason charges, not just blogger words of ire.


  1. I've wondered about reversing all legislation since 1997, myself. Bit like King Charles II returning in 1660 but being deemed to have reigned from 1648. Agree out of EU (am I allowed to say this in the electronic media now?) - but even then, how do we get democracy in a form we want? The MP system brought us to this pass in the first place.

  2. Great minds will have to be brought to bear on this.

  3. "Let me just add this, if you have not yet seen enough daylight thievery from your own pockets, if you have not yet seen enough destruction of your children and grandchildren's hopes for liberty, if you have not yet seen enough of the wanton demolition of financial freedom and sovereignty, rest assured that you will see more.

    The unmitigated gall of tossing this buffoon into the public square to answer to the people's elected representatives says all that you need to know regarding how seriously the banking cartel takes your calls for reform and for the much ballyhooed "change you can believe in." This was a spit in the face to every man and woman on Main Street busting ass to make a decent enough living to simply afford a roof above their heads. But I suppose we have long passed the time when our nation was capable of anything more than a perfunctory glance at the headlines and a brief shaking of the head before the next ballgame or reality show lulls us back into the abyss. Good night America, how are ya?"

  4. Communism = the totalitarianism of the left.

    Fascism = the totalitarianism of the right.

    Globalisation = where fascism and communism meet.

  5. All of this is right and I hope people followed the links.


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