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[the dark one] alive, kicking and sentient [3]

Your guess is as good as mine about how we got here, why G-d doesn’t step in and so on and that’s all we have – guesses, for the simple reason that our mental equipment can’t comprehend other dimensions. However, a man can speculate and this is my motion of how it might be.

The following is a diatribe from Chapter 25 of the last book, just as things are getting nasty and everyone’s killing one another. Our gallant band are holed up under a hill, everyone asks why it is so and this is one explanation:

‘Why not?’ asked Hugh. ‘Why do we have to go all gobbledegook about it? Why can’t the real scenario be quite mundane, quite easily explained in another dimension, although we can’t conceptualize it ourselves?’

‘I feel another Jensen rant getting close.’

‘You want to hear one?’

‘Go on,’ Sam groaned.

Hugh grinned. ‘Who is G-d?’

‘The Big Boss of the Sky,’ grinned Sam.

‘Let me put a scenario to you all or rather a series of questions. From all the destruction we’re seeing out there, what’s the purpose of the enemy?’

‘To destroy the world,’ said Genevieve.

‘And mankind in particular. OK, what has been the purpose of every government in the late 00 years?’

‘To enslave us,’ said Emma.

‘And to remove free will and substitute coercion. That’s what Genie’s and Sophie’s mind control were all about – to control them, to eliminate their free will. The enemy hates free will. OK, who have been the sworn enemies of the state since the dawn of states themselves?’

‘The philosophers, the free thinkers,’ supplied Jean-Claude.

‘Especially any philosophy in which people adhere to an ethereal deity, an afterlife and moral rules, therefore caring little for the powerful controlling tools of the enemy – money, power, status and sex.

Here’s a scenario.

Imagine that the science fiction books and films actually mirror the truth – there really are parallel universes, there are other dimensions, there are other worlds, wormholes, time warps and so on.

Imagine if, in many of these or even almost all of them, there is no linear time, no direction, north, south, east, west, no up and no down. There simply ‘is’.

In one sector of this ‘is’, an Ascended Master discovers the secret of how to harness, create and destroy the lifeforce of the cosmos. He immediately constructs booby traps around the secret to prevent others from having it because, even among his team colleagues, power without intellect is a dangerous thing, like a child driving a car.

He knows that the whole secret to this lifeforce is free will. Now comes his tour de force. He creates bite sized chunks of this force, calls it ‘soul’ and He holds the patent – he can insert it or remove it at will and no one else can.

One of his team who fancies himself as a rival of our AM doesn’t like this at all and insists the AM share the secret with all of them, meaning him, of course.

Nothing doing.

What’s worse, the AM now has it in His head to create a race of super-beings with this ‘soul’ inserted in each unit. This is more like it, the light bearer thinks, until he discovers that the AM plans to create a special universe to house his experiment, complete with a world with water, air and life supporting things like animals.

The final insult is that the AM is going to put this soul into millions of little clones of himself, meaning Man but with one twist – each is going to have unique features, both physically and in character. Each man will be a little god in himself.

‘Are you crazy?’ complains the light bearer. ‘Man will evolve and discover the secret of life himself. Give the power to someone more worthy, angels like us.’

‘Don’t worry,’ smiles the AM. ‘Man won’t be able to. I’m not going to equip him with our time and space coordinates. We use polar axes, he’ll use Cartesian. He’ll have limited perception, although his ego might lead him to think he understands more.’

‘No, no, a thousand times no, you’re threatening the whole of life as we know it,’ cries the light bearer. ‘You can’t go about giving this horrible little Man the power of good and evil.’

The light bearer promptly starts a war in this sector of the other dimension where they reside. For convenience, let’s call it ‘heaven’.

The AM, meanwhile, puts His plan into action, Adam and Eve are created and a really choice garden plot is set aside for them.

‘Stuff this,’ says the light bearer and heads through a portal to snuff out Man before he gets up and running. But he doesn’t succeed, goes back through the portal to heaven and causes so much trouble that he and his henchmen are thrown out.

They zip through the portal and land on earth.

Now, being much larger than Man, these giants wander around, copulating with every female they can stick their things into and try to inject the gene pool with their own DNA, thereby creating a race of ‘kings’ who will rule the earth in perpetuity.

Now they set about destroying Man’s belief in his maker and substituting opposite values for every good one Man holds. So, instead of barter, there is money, instead of vaginal sex, there is anal and so on. Everything black is painted white and vice versa.

Everything is done wrongly.

The light bearer goes completely off his rocker and through his ‘kings’, introduces more or less endless warfare and slaughter, each king begetting a new ‘king’ and so on.

One of the AM’s good colleagues says, ‘Listen, Boss, do you think this is such a good idea? The light bearer’s causing mayhem in your little pet world.’

‘Can’t do anything about it,’ replies the AM. ‘I encoded free will into Man.’

‘Oh come off it,’ says Michael. ‘You have the power to create and destroy.’

‘No, I gave it away; I put it into my children instead.’

‘You mean you can’t alter anything?’

‘I can in a macro-way, floods, getting Hitler to halt at the channel etc. but individually, no, not unless that individual has his spiritual receiver turned on.’


‘He has to believe in me. Once he does that, then I have influence. As long as he keeps his belief circuits switched off, I can’t do anything.’

Michael is frustrated beyond endurance. ‘You won’t stop that devastation out there?’

‘Not won’t, Michael - I can’t. I programmed the power into Man himself, to pass to his children at the point of conception and birth.’

‘Look,’ said Michael, ‘that silly sod the light bearer is holding rituals down there where everyone’s praying to him and they kill some child or other and drink its blood so that the power is passed to them at the moment of birth or death.’

‘Yes, forlorn exercise and he’ll get his for doing that to my creation.’

‘He might eventually get his but meanwhile, what about those poor men, women and children? They’re suffering.’

‘I can only help them if they have their belief circuits switched on.’

‘Well, make them switch them on.’

‘That’s not free will. Without free will, Man disintegrates as a life form. It’s programmed in. You can’t have it both ways. Either he’s free or he’s not. It’s a fait accompli.’

‘Well, what about the people with their belief circuits switched on? They’re down there and suffering too.’

‘Yep, they’re being beamed up to the orbs soon.’

‘Why not beam up all human beings?’

‘I would.’


‘The onboard beamer can only connect with someone with his belief circuit switched on. Look, Mick, I gave Man enough warning, didn’t I? I sent down a piece of me to walk around and tell people that he who believes will be saved. What more can I do?’

‘Most people don’t believe John 3:16.’

‘That’s unfortunate. If they switched on their belief circuits, they’d be beamed up.’

‘But that’s murder, genocide.’


‘So save them.’

‘I am saving them. I’ve sent through the portal three billion orbs to take every man, woman and child out of the horror. All they have to do to be beamed up is -’

‘Don’t tell me – to switch on their belief circuits.’

‘Right. I promised I’d come, I’m there, I’m waiting for them to switch them on.’

‘And if they don’t?’

‘The portal has a time limit and when it closes, the orbs must return here with however many they’ve got on board.’

Hugh turned to the other five and said, ‘That’s all, folks.’ He sat down and Emma gave him a drink.

There was silence all round.

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