Friday, April 24, 2009

[barbarians] prepare thyselves, my friends

Herodotus of Greece wrote:

"Barbarians can neither think nor act rationally, theological controversies are Greek to them...Under the assault of their horrible songs the classic meter of the ancient poet goes to pieces...Barbarians are driven by evil spirits; "possessed by demons", who force them to commit the most terrible acts...incapable of living according to written laws and only reluctantly tolerating kings...

Their lust for gold is immense, their love of drink boundless. Barbarians are without restraint...Although generally they are considered good-looking, they are given to gross personal hygiene...They run dirty and barefoot, even in the winter...They grease their blond hair with butter and care not that it smells rancid...

Their reproductive energy is inexhaustible; the Northern climate of their native land, with its long winter nights favors their fantastic urge to procreate...If a barbarian people is driven back or destroyed, another already emerges from the marshes and forests of Germany...Indeed, there are no new barbarian peoples--descendents of the same tribes keep appearing."

(Herwig Wolfram, The History of the Goths, p. 6-7).


  1. Their lust for gold is immense.

    Not barbarians, but smart folk.

    And silly western banks still sell!

  2. The buttered hair does it for me every time.

    My wife is a descendant of the people who lead the first assault that drove the Moors from the Iberian Peninsular. Doesn't take no for an answer either.

  3. Wolfie,
    Has she got a sister?

  4. Scrub one up and send him my way.
    Better make that two,I am rather demanding. :)

  5. ".Although generally they are considered good-looking, they are given to gross personal hygiene...They run dirty and barefoot, even in the winter...They grease their blond hair with butter and care not that it smells rancid.."

    This is a history of the GOTHS?

  6. Reminds me of the neighbors where I grew up, in the south end of Salt Lake City.

  7. From behind the curtains peeks the NWO.Some folks are born liars.
    Some practice, and excel in theft and deceit.
    Some attack first, without reason.
    And then wonder why they are hated.
    Some try to distract, but persist in attack.
    Either way, what-ever their fine words, what-ever their stolen knowledge, whatever their MANY faces, however many bounces, they are pure scum.
    Begone scum, you pollute the planet.

  8. The dirty little secret of gov'ts in the west, is that non of these banks were too big to fail.
    Capitalism thrives, however distorted, by rules evolved over many decades. Those rules are called bankruptcy proceedings.
    Broon and his cronies broke laws when they forced bank mergers, to the detriment of shareholders of the senior bank. This was/is unlawful.
    The secret is, a cram down of debt/preference holders would have recapitalised the banks, and saved taxpayer money from going out the back door in interest payments.
    You favoured debt and preference holders over the rights of common shareholders of the senior bank who suffered, and then debt and preference holders of the merged entity were paid by taxpayers.

    How many faces do you have, Darling, Broon. Your message in the UK is different in different areas, and is different to your message in the EU, which is different to your varying messages in the US.
    My guess is they are all lies. Spoken to distract, nothing more.

    But rest assured, your dirty little secret is safe with me, Mr Darling, - I notice your white hair is thinning lately, is it through worry? And your weight......Phew!
    And Broon, .................
    I won't shout at all, not even whisper, but I doubt I'm the only one who understands.
    The tax payers patience is finite.
    Your policies have failed, and led your party into disrepute. The rumours you circulate have shown your true self.
    You should rethink your policies, which have lead you into total disrepute, and work instead for the benefit of tax payers.
    You have spoken in the past, at length, about defining freedom in this country, when every action taken on your watch has been about the exact opposite, and what do you do when the public protests, you deny a referendum, and you gear up the idiot police for aggression against the legitimate protesters.
    Given the universal total lack of trust shown towards you, even internationally, the taxpayers want no more spin. Yours is the most reviled and hated Gov't in modern history.
    Your words are no longer enough.
    Positive, beneficial action is now required, and that does not mean beneficial to you, or your party, in the short term, but action beneficial to the taxpayers who have been so maligned by your insane policies.

    I wonder sometimes how any intelligent person could have got themselves into such a mess, when proper action in '99/2000, when things started to go wrong, would have avoided all this economic nonsense. But no, you had to be a smart arse, the untouchable one, absolutely adamant that your policies were correct. At No 11, you were in possession of all the facts at that time via your financial intelligence agencies. Your actions were not a zero sum game at that time, but you thought they were in 2001, when your economy crashed. Foolish bugger. All you had to do was nothing! You chose to be the smart arse.
    And still you dishonestly steal from taxpayers. You increase taxes, and tax Co pension contributions, but refuse to curtail public expenditure on data bases etc, which infuriates the taxpayers.
    Time for you to modify your approach, and be more generous and conciliatory to the tax payers, Darling, Broon.
    Words no longer cut it, recycled initiatives show you to be a liar.
    You've given billions to the banks, but taken from the taxpayers, yet they are the best multiplier.
    Time to rethink your insane policies, Darling, Broon, for the good of all.

  9. Well, to equity card holders, nothing is ever real.

    I spoke to a few Bedouin types. They said "a genuine guy, always up for a discussion on what could be profitable".

    Imagine my surprise. Another ghost face. Another complete deceit. (whisper hello)

    Keep taking the meds.


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