Friday, December 19, 2008

[up yours] get knotted, reid


Melanie Reid, forever to be remembered as the journalist who published an article praising the Taliban on the morning of 9/11, has a commentary in 'The Times' calling for the introduction of compulsory voluntary service.

Although she is probably unaware of it, what Reid is calling for is not a greater ethic of service but the introduction of 'robot'; the unpaid labour which the German nobles imposed upon the people as a reaction to the economic devastation caused by the Thirty Years War. This is a strain of thought which is very dangerous to the continued liberty of the British people; she might not think so, but what she is calling for is serfdom.

Melanie Reid is a member of the elite, and all elitists share two defining characteristics - they want to stay elitists regardless of the consequences to other people, and boy, do they like being served.

I have no problem in working for and even serving someone I can respect but these incompetent bozos of limited intellect who set themselves up as an elite and give themselves airs - they can get knotted. More than that - their names are on these bullets.


  1. "More than that - their names are on these bullets."

    If I have to 'volunteer' my community service will be to fire those bullets.


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