Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ESP, Do You All Believe In It?

I originally published this under the title "Bay of Pigs Revisited" at my blog, Buckeye Thoughts.

As a preface, before we get started, how many of you believe in ESP? I personally, (as I point out in the post) having had several real life experiences with it, do and am curious about others' opinions. With that said, onward!

Last night I had probably what I would rank as one of my craziest dreams ever. The basic premise was this: one of my good friends and I along with a large contingent of Cuban exiles were sent in to overthrow the Castro government, much like the Bay of Pigs.

What I distinctly remember was my group which consisted, of among others in our zodiac, of my friend and one Cuban. As we landed on the beach, we had total surprise. A few minutes inland and all hell broke loose. Although we only took fire from the front, it seemed like a wall of lead was flying towards us. I, myself, was hit as was our Cuban guide. We somehow managed to carry her, our Cuban guide, between the two of us (my friend and I) till we arrived at, of all places, a hotel.

By this time our force had been utterly destroyed; we were the only survivors left. The G2, Cuba's version of the KGB, was hot on our trail. As we slowly made our way into the hotel, it was clear we were out numbered. My friend guarded her while I desperately tried to kill as many of MININT's (the Cuban Ministry of Interior, which has the best weaponry and training available in Cuba) soldiers without getting killed myself. After having cleared an entire floor, I staggered (clearly feeling the effects of the bullet wounds I had sustained) and opened a stairwell door only to be greeted by a member of the SVR (the Russian equivalent of CIA). He attempted to capture me alive by throwing a blanket on my head which automatically binded the moment it gets around a solid object. I pushed him down the stairs, the blanket falling with him, and shot him in the head. I then proceeded to make it back to my friend and our guide, who by this time was looking less than 100%.

The three of us made it out of the hotel alive, carrying her, whilst more MININT troops stormed the building. We made it to an autobus station near the beach. My friend and I were both exhausted and our guide was nearly dead. Then, probably the strangest part of the whole dream happened.

"¿Me quieres?" (Do you love me?) she asked me.
"Sí, no tienes ninguna idea del tanto que te quiero." (Yes, you have no idea how much I love you) I said back to her.

We then kissed once and I asked my friend what he planned to do, since we were unsure if MININT had been able to follow us or not. He said, "Get the hell out of here." I seconded the motion but then turned to our guide and asked, looking at her angelic face, what was going to happen to her. She looked at me and told me that everything would be ok. We kissed once more and my friend and I left towards the zodiac, trying to get there before MININT realized we had an operational means of escape at our disposal. I woke up shortly after this, feeling really blue.

Now, granted this was a dream and a bizarre one at that, I would like to point out the effects of ESP (extra sensory perception, dreaming about events before they happen). I highly doubt this dream was such an instance but wish to bring to your attention of such occurrences happening to me this semester, mainly regarding school work and presentations. For instance, in one class, when a group gave a presentation, I tried to think about where I had seen this before and then it hit me: I had dreamed about this specific event a month prior to it happening in the real world.

Bizarre, indeed.


  1. Matt, the government are going to be mighty interested in utilizing your services, methinks. Perhaps the pre-crime unit.

  2. Yes Matt, I believe in ESP. It has happened to me on several occasions over the years.

    The earliest significant occasion was a friend answering my unspoken random thoughts verbally (she was sat next to me at the time). This happened over several months/years.

    In more recent times 2 days before Christmas a couple of years ago I had a strong sense of foreboding! It wasn't a premonition, but more an intuition, which I tried to dismiss as just me having a bad day.

    It is not fair to publish the details on line, but that feeling was correct some awful things happened to my friends/family last year.

    The ripples are still going on this year and in the last 2 or 3 months there has been an above average level of co-incidences happening in my life!

    PS: I think everyone is going to think I am nut case now!!!

  3. James,
    I hope I don't end up like the pre-cogs!!!! CherryPie, I'm sorry to hear about that second instance but that first one was quite interesting.

    PS: I don't think you're a nutcase ;-)

  4. I haven't personally seen any real proof of it, but my mind is open to the idea.

  5. I'm sure it exists although I hven't personally seen much of it. The research on twins was interesting in this respect.

    As for precognition, I have done that a number of times and deja vu does kick in from time to time.

  6. "PS: I think everyone is going to think I am nut case now!!!"
    CherryPie - that's one wrong prediction!
    I prefer to rely on positive thinking and doing so I hope that every Bloghound, their families and friends and the rest of the world has a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. If everyone hopes the same and does good then, fingers crossed, the earth will still be green and blue.

  7. Matt - Thanks :-) I do have more than just those two incidences too ;-)

    James - If you have experienced the other two, I am betting you have experienced ESP and just not recognised it for what it is.

    Galimaufry - :-) That's lovely and I think you are right.

  8. Cherie- No one is going to think you are a nutcase. I experience this a lot and have all my life.

    I hate it, actually.

  9. Ubermouth - Thank you :-)Some people may think that tho...

    The way to stop hating the experiences is to understand what they are, it is a learning process and it turns out to be quite enlightening.


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