Thursday, November 27, 2008

Major news story leading to Major disaster for the economy

Major news story leading to Major disaster for the economy

Do You Know What it is Yet?

First clue.

Second clue.

UPDATE: 12.16am All I know is that a fellow blogger is well on the way to cracking this story...

UPDATE: 02:12 Bombs Away!

Watchout for Cherrypie's post from another angle later today...


  1. Sorry that this is O/T, James, but I thought you would like it for your collection.


  2. Thanks for that, John. However, I think what was done then pales into insignificance beside the way the country has now been ripped apart by Nu-Labour.

  3. Yes, Anon - if you look, you'll see it's not my post.

  4. James: It is not an attack upon any individual or any political party. A major disaster is coming, and research produced who was first batsman hence John Major. The story hasn't broken yet.

  5. It hasn't James, it's just the tip of the iceberg and I'm sat there fishing not sure about the catch but the way the line is going it could be a ruddy large Marlin. It needs those who know about such things to pull it out.

  6. Result.................


    Tip of the iceberg.........from a distance. But the approach is very rapid.........

    Google "Quantitative easing."

  7. It is VERY difficult to move from depression and deflation, where asset values are destroyed/written down/off, velocity of money slows rapidly, everything falling over the precipice.

    Deflation is death to fiat.
    Fiat only functions in inflation.

    To maintain the position of the "lords" the attempt by the bought and paid for politicians must be financially MASSIVE to re-boot.

    More so, as we are at the end of this fiat cycle. Can they turn back the maths, I don't know!
    They will destroy the world trying!

    BUT, what I do know is that it is much easier to move from deflation to hyper inflation, caused by "quantitative easing", where trust in the nations currency is lost. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO MOVE THROUGH THE INFLATION PHASE.
    You will note in the recent $800Billion bailout announced recently, that it was split into $600, and $200billion.
    Foney and fraudi debt was specifically mentioned as being purchased by the bailout.
    Previously China and other nations would have purchased part of that debt.
    Now they don't.

    The dollar index
    has fallen in the last few days, not broken any trend lines yet, but...

    and gold has responded as it should!

    G7 nations are in competitive currency demolition.

    The US $ could loose its reserve currency status.

    Many G20 nations will demand it.

    All nations are in denial at the moment, at least publicly, and the "lords" own the press!

    After March/April 2009, denial will no longer be plausible.

  8. Concerning hyperinflation, I note the recent appointment of Volcker.

    He cured the inflation of the mid 1980s in the US.

    Concerning currency viability...

  9. I have a sneaky feeling that this is relevant: "The banks who fund PFI projects are repaid from the money received from the government during the lifespan of the contract. From the point of view of the private sector, PFI borrowing is considered low risk because public sector authorities are very unlikely to default. Indeed, under IMF rules, national governments are not permitted to go bankrupt".

    If the money isn't there for the citizen it's called bankruptcy. It maybe that the government is bankrupt whatever the IMF rules state?

  10. Blips in the moderation tonight. currently countering lies elsewhere and it has been a bit fraught and frenetic. Sorry.

  11. UPDATE: All I know is that a fellow blogger is well on the way to cracking this story...


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