Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bangles Stuck in the Head

Last weekend, during October Break, I took the extreme decision to buy the Greatest Hits album of The Bangles. I felt this would be a good way to get "Walk Like an Egyptian" out of my head. Sadly, the inverse occurred. There is not an hour (I am not joking, haha) that goes by where I don't open iTunes and listen to that song, put the CD in my CD player and listen to it, or turn on my iPod and listen to it.

After listening to the entire album, I've found some other songs that are very decent. One of them is in "In Your Room". Now, I don't know about you all, but Susanna Hoffs has the most seductive eyes I've ever seen. For those who don't know who she is, she's one of the vocalists, in the center-right of the four in the room. I commented to a friend yesterday, why can't today's pop be like this? Yes, Leona Lewis, pretty as is Rihanna. Very few write their own songs though, as The Bangles did. To think, I was only three in 1989 *sniff*.

[Matt, thanks for that - if you're interested, I also ran a post on her here.]


  1. You were only 3 in '86 ,Matt?
    Then you probably missed the horrendous film they were in.It's the only film I have ever walked out on and demanded my money back.

    Susanna Hoffs is indeed very pretty. I think she was the one all the guys went ga-ga over.

  2. No, I was born in '86, 3 in '89. Really it was the only movie you've walked out and demanded your money back? You never saw The Ring 2, then did you? I left after 20 minutes...worst horror movie ever! The Ring was a good move though.

    Yeah, with regards to Susanna, I can understand why!

  3. Uber - she and Michael Steele. There was a lot of jealousy in that group.

    Matt - thanks for popping up with this post. Interesting to me, seeing I ran a series of posts on Susanna Hoffs.

  4. The most distinctive thing they ever did (IMHO) was a potty little '80s pop ditty called "Walk Like An Eygyptian".

    I remember having a Christmas job at my local Sainsbury's the year the song came out (c.1986). Barcode scanner tills were just being installed, nobody knew how to operate them properly, and somebody had written on the gents' staff loo wall "WHY DO I WORK HERE" and somebody had added "WALK LIKE AN EGYTPTIAN" and a matchstick Egyptian figure underneath.

    It's funny what we remember...

    I think it was around the time of Chernobyl and Pam finding Bobby in the shower... And Stella Artois was "Reassuringly Expensive"... and people had lots of hair and shoulder pads...

  5. I loved Hazy Shade of Wibnter myself. I preferred teh Go gos myself


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