Monday, September 22, 2008

Those Songs...

Alright, so we all know those songs whose lyrics have passed into pop culture long after their heyday is over. Well, two of them I knew quite well but had not heard them. The first is "Rock the Casbah" by the Clash. I was going to embed it here but they don't allow embedding. Anyway, here it is:

I had heard about the song some time ago in a computer game review book back in the mid '90s and finally heard it for the first time in 2006.

The second video needs no introduction:

I actually got dressed up as an Egyptian pharaoh for Breakfast Club, like I usually do. The first video they're blasting from the TV in the bar when I got inside nice and early at 7 am yesterday before the game was this song. Someone looked at me and said, "Hey man! You gotta get up there and dance! You're dressed the part!" Indeed, I was...


  1. This carries on from where the "miracle post" below left off. :)

  2. I didnt play it but as its too slow here, who is that second video?

  3. The second one was "Walk Like An Egyptian" by the Bengals.

  4. Bangles, Matt, with the honey Susanna Hoffs.

  5. Thanks, always mess that one up, haha! I put that YouTube link up on Facebook last night and somebody clicked on it, then went into another room to do something, with the volume full blast. Said they were stunned it was "Walk Like An Egyptian", felt stupider for having listened to it. I just laughed at them.

  6. Ha I am just like her, except I am younger lol, no seriously, it is a good song. I like Manic Monday better.


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