Saturday, August 23, 2008

Depending upon there being no problem with no passport...

Depending upon there being no problem with no passport...

Saturday Departures from London
24/05/08 to 13/12/08
London King's Cross 09:34 11:48 13:38 17:05 19:41
Grantham 10:44 12:48 14:44 18:10 20:43
Retford 11:06 13:14 15:10 18:31 21:05
Doncaster 11:24 13:27 15:25 18:48 21:20
Selby 11:40 13:43 15:41 19:08 21:36
Howden 11:50 13:53 15:51 19:18 21:46
Brough 12:03 14:05 16:03 19:30 21:58
Hull 12:20 14:22 16:20 19:47 22:15

Sorry, no shower only bath...

UPDATE: Just received a phone call. The Eagle has landed at Gatwick and is crossing London heading for King's X, and should see him arrive in Hull at 19:47.


  1. Lets hope he doesn't experience the same joys as I do on British trains!!!

  2. Cherrypie: My only complaint is we can no longer smoke on the train or at stations, and I dread going to London for this reason.

  3. Say hello to the Eagle for me. Best wishes to you and him.

  4. I don't smoke but I know the smoking ban is a problem because some of my colleagues do. It makes it a problem when changing trains to I pop outside with them when the go for a smoke or do I stand alone inside waiting.

    I forgot to mention before I am glad you only have a bath, we need James ;-)

  5. He's a bit like a modern day pilgrim. I hope his search to find whatever he is looking for is successful.

  6. From Scilly to Hull. What a change in lifestyle.

  7. Still alive and will put up a post later today hopefully. Technical question over usb sticks but hope to post.

    Thanks for keeping it running and noted the comments. Much to tell.

  8. One thing I just found out is that my james higham mail does not work as javascript is not enabled so can't see any emails there. Could you use the nourishing email for now please.


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