Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A guide to the Yorkshire Dales - the jewel in the crown of Northern England

John Hirst reflects on the Yorkshire Dales:

A guide to the Yorkshire Dales - the jewel in the crown of Northern England

"The Yorkshire Dales is a region in the county of North Yorkshire in England. The Yorkshire Dales contains some of the most spectacular scenery on (and under) God's own Earth. Once you have set foot in a Yorkshire Dale, you will be touched with a magic that will stay with you all your life, as any local will tell you".

"Welcome to
digital Malham ...

On these pages you will find information on the areas of outstanding natural beauty which surround the Yorkshire Dales village of Malham.

We encourage you to take some time out and discover some of the geological treasures that lie within

Malham Tarn

Malam Cove

Janet's Foss

"Foss is the old norse word for a waterfall or force and Janet (or Jennet) was belived to be the queen of the local fairies who lives behind the the fall in a cave".

Gordale Scar

"To the north of the Mid Craven Fault in the Malham Formation is Gordale Scar, which was carved as a meltwater channel beneath the Devensian ice-sheet. The sides of this gorge overhang to a considerable extent, suggesting that there was once a great cavern, the roof of which has subsequently collapsed".


  1. Thanks, John - Yorkshire is a beautiful place.

  2. I don't know Yorkshire that well. We were spoilt for scenery where I grew up.

    I will be sure to come and take a look some day.

  3. I love both Yorkshire Dales and the coast. Makes me want to visit again soon :-)

  4. Never been to the Dales. Possibly one day. Thanks to you and John.

  5. When I first saw what Malam had to offer, it was like being the only man on Earth, on top of the world, and the first man to walk the land, all rolled into one. It's very mystical.

    Janet's Foss was the inspiration behind Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies.

  6. Wonderful! We live on the NY Moors and I never fail to take in the beauty which surrounds us! Stunning!


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